3 days in Paris: 3 places where to eat.

I spent the week-end in Paris and between a few cultural activities, I went to one nice restaurant to another. I know that I cannot be objective but French food is really amazing!!

Here are a few places that I can only recommend:

Pizza Momo: we had amazing pizzas! So so good. The service was good and quick. Count 9-12€ a pizza. The location is great too, near place St Paul. 105 rue Saint Antoine, Metro St Paul

Pizza momo

Pizza momo

Le Bistrot Paul Bert: This bistrot was amazing. Very nice traditional bistrot food. It is quite pricey but I like the whole experience of eating out and do not mind paying more for good food and good service. Count 36€/person for their lunch menu. I had scallops as a starter, lemon sole as a main and the amazing Paris-Brest for dessert. The waiter actually said that he would choose the desserts for us and boy he was right. 18 rue Paul Bert, Metro Charonne.

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

La Cantine: This little restaurant is the best value in Paris. Their 3 course menu costs…14€! It is 10€ for a main only and 12€ for two courses. Unbeatable! Unsurprisingly it is very busy but the service is still very good and fast and the food excellent. I had the soup of the day which was really nice and a Tartare de boeuf.  I was not hungry for dessert anymore. 108 Boulevard de Belleville, Metro Belleville.

La cantine

La cantine

Apart from my two favourite French creams, I did not buy anything in Paris, I spent all my money on food haha. That’s what I call a good week-end. Better do some running this week!


What do you call a good week-end? See above

What is your favourite restaurant? I am not sure, I like so many different ones!




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