I am a curly girl

I have curly hair and after years of not knowing how to take care of it and straightening it everyday, I came to love my curls and learn how to take care of them. I am CONSTANTLY looking for new products and methods to rock my curls. Last night I came across the hair plopping technique to pre-dry your hair without making it all frizzy. I tried it out this morning and…it works! No little frizzy hair to be seen. I will now be incorporating this drying technique into my hair routine 🙂

Curly hair of the day (c)PeachyLau

Curly hair of the day (c)PeachyLau


Do you have curly hair?

How do you prevent frizziness?

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4 Responses to I am a curly girl

  1. Sweet Mandy says:

    Your hair is beautiful! My curls are like yours but longer.


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