Bodypump during my lunch break

So unlike last month, it seems that I have not been very consistent with my fitness routine in February. According to the Nike+ app which I use to track my running, I did not go running since the…27/01! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??!

I think that this months I have been to 2 yoga classes and 1 pilates class, that is it. Even though I have skinny legs, I can definitely feel the un-fitness (yes, sometimes I make up english words) in my mid section and spending 3 days in Paris eating non-stop did not help. Plus, my gym is super expensive and unless I go at least twice a week, I cannot justify paying that much. Since going to the gym after work does not seem to be working for me lately, I decided to go to a body pump class during my lunch break instead.

So how was it?

I was away from my desk for 1h40 (between walking there getting changed, dying body pumping for 45min, showering, getting changed again and walking back). And then I had to have lunch of top of it, but I made it quick, like in 12 min or so (hellooooo indigestion for eating so quickly).

Will I do it again?

I will have to me more organized. Possibly arrive at work a bit earlier and perhaps prepare a lunch that I can easily eat on the go. Also keep some  non-boring work for the afternoon. Even though I definitely had more energy, since I usually go home after the gym, it was tough to head back to the lab and focus, I just wanted to be out and about.



                                                              Photo source

Now the other solution is to exercise in the morning before going to work…let’s see how that goes.


Do you train during your lunch break? hmmm not sure it will happen again

Do you like Body Pump classes? I hate it during the class but I love the idea of getting stronger

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3 Responses to Bodypump during my lunch break

  1. turbotwins says:

    Best lunchbreak ever!! but I would suggest bringing more food to eat after so you don’t feel tired


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