I finally went running!

As I mentioned in my running tips, tracking your runs is a good way to get some running motivation and to keep track of your progress. I use the Nike+ app and this is what as was greeted with yesterday…


You can nicely see my 1/2 marathon from last year, trying to keep up in November, NOTHING in December, ONE in January and… nada. NOT GOOD. Once again I stopped and lost my training. I have been thinking hard about getting back into it, and even signed up for a 10K race for some extra motivation.

The two other factors that finally made me go yesterday were:

1) The virgin London marathon on 21/4

I mean man, if all these people can run a marathon, I can move my “derrière” for 30 min.

2) Speaking of “derrière”, Laura from Chicken Tunachicken tuna

She is…44 and has a killer body that I would love to have at 25 (I am so dearly hanging to that number for the next month and a bit). I just booked a beach holiday and boy do I need to tighten up. I have not worn a bikini in 3 years (it is not a myth that PhDs suck the life outa you) so I kinda want to make an effort.

So today I went running with my sister who also wants a chicken tuna booty.

With the sister x

With the sister x

We ended up running 5K and it felt GOOD. We had this game of choosing a letter of the alphabet and having to find words starting by this letter. If you could not think of a word within 7 sec, you had to squat.

IMG_0867I ended up doing quite a few squats lol.bioderma 1Now that the VitD levels are topped up, lets keep it up!


How often do you run? Once every 4 months apparently










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4 Responses to I finally went running!

  1. Love the letters game! Great idea! I don’t have a partner to run with so I would have to play that game on my own, and probably cheat a lot and not do any squats at all! Good luck on your runs and best wishes for your 10k 🙂


    • peachylau says:

      Many thanks for your comment :). I have used the letters game while running on my own just to distract my mind. Try it. Other option would be to do it while running on the treadmill. Every time you cannot think of a letter, increase the incline or the speed by 0.1% or more! I should try this latter option as well as I haaaaaaate treadmill running.


  2. Runner Girl Eats says:

    What a fun game! I have no idea who chicken tuna is but that us some serious squat motivation!!


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