Every year I offer myself a birthday present šŸ™‚ This year I bought myself the Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. I did not buy the one with the shoe chip as until now I had been using the Nike+ smartphone app which does not require the chip and I have been super happy with it (see my running tips).

However, the phone app has a few disadvantages: it is not very convenient to track your current pace when worn on an armband and you cannot record laps. I therefore decided to get myself a watch. Everybody swears by Garmin and I hope that I will not regret not getting one but this one was fairly affordable and easy to use. Plus also running with the Nike+ app, I like having all my data in one place.

nikewatchThe watch is super easy to use while on the run and it’s not too heavy. BUT, you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the GPS software. After buying it, I sync’d it to my Nike+ profile and updated the software. I did not use it for a week as I used my phone and when I wanted to use it, it just did not work. I was really annoyed as I was quite motivated to go running and in a rush so I just went off but was not able to track my run. I can see that it is really going to annoy me if I need to keep checking whether or not I have the latest software update on it. Or perhaps I should go running more often so when I log my run in the Nike + app it will update the software. That is indeed another option.

So bring on the tempo runs, one thing I have decided to include for this year’s half-marathon training plan.


What do you use to track your runs?


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