All I want for Christmas…are abs

So at the beginning of October, we talked about me going back to my “French diet“. I did great for 5 weeks, even went to the gym before work a couple of times.


6am gym session. BAM.

And then catastrophe. I went off the wagon again. Too many birthdays, too many catching up with friends (cheese and wine on saturday for instance, ahem) and not enough exercise…The jeans feel tight again (as mentioned in my French diet post, I do not weight myself. If my jeans feel tight, there is no way I am buying a bigger size, especially when I know that I am eating crap).

This is why I am loving the concept of the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar. Basically, instead of splurging on chocolate between now and Christmas, you try to have a healthy holiday countdown.

Yeah, cuz I don’t know about you but I had a look at the latest Victoria secret fashion show and considering that Adriana Lima, Alessandria Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes and co are older than me AND have kids AND have a flat stomach like I never had…I think I can get myself a pair of abs for this christmas.

Doutzen Kroes at the latest Victoria Secret Show. The Christmas wish lol

Doutzen Kroes at the latest Victoria Secret Show. The Christmas wish lol


Action plan: Back to the French diet, a little bit of exercise everyday and look at Doutzen’s stomach!


Eats of the day: Good, managed to get my 5 a day in

Workout of the day: 1h of Pilates.

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    I like this article, I have reblogged this one, thanks for posting


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