Random #2 and day 7-11

Hi guys, I have a funny video for you for my random #2. It really cracks me up each time I watch it.


Regarding my Christmas abs in the making:

Exercice: I have managed to really take the time to exercise lately and try to be active at least 3 times a week. I went to my 1H pilates class on monday and did a 7K run during my lunch break yesterday. Also do my pushups and I am up to 6 now!

Food: Inconsistent diet. If the temptation is not in front of me, I do not miss it. However I cannot say no to junk food and the office is full of junk food. I am starting to see a bit of results thanks to my increased exercise regiment (you would think so, after going from zero exercise in 2 months to 3 times a week for 3 weeks) but I am coming to the conclusion that you cannot out do a bad diet. I still have 3 Xmas diners to go to this week so next week will have to be the one where my diet is perfectly on point.

How is your Christmas preparation going?

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2 Responses to Random #2 and day 7-11

  1. Jessica says:

    Yep, it’s incredibly difficult to out-exercise a bad diet – trust me, I’ve been there and tried that! While you may still get some results, they’ll never be as conclusive as they would’ve been, had your diet been on point. A word of caution, though – it’s very easy to get caught up in an all-or-nothing mentality with diet: promising yourself that you absolutely WILL NOT eat any “bad” food all week, in my opinion, only sets you up for massive disappointment and frustration.

    Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule, where you eat healthily 80% of the time, with 20% left over for some small indulgences? I think that might be the perfect solution for you, as it’ll still allow you to live a little! šŸ™‚


    • peachylau says:

      Hey, thanks for your comment. I have never followed a diet and never will. To me, having my diet on point is not restricting the amount of food I eat but more about following the mediterranean diet I usually eat (check the “my french diet” post), which allows for some indulgences (hello cheese). However I KNOW that this week has been all about over indulging: 4 christmas dinners and the wine that goes with it lol so I need to make a little effort to get back on track šŸ™‚


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