Amsterdam WOTN race recap

As you saw from my WIAW #5 , my pre-race fueling strategy for the Amsterdam WOTN was…rich in carb, a bit like before the London WOTN. I have to admit that every time I have a night race I ask myself why I sign up for one. The anticipation is huge and I always wonder how to race-fuel. However, excitement quickly replaced anxiety upon arriving at the Olympic stadium, where we would start and finish the race! It felt amazing to be in the Olympic stadium. Nike had a “festival area” with a pop up shop, a bar, and beauty area where you could get your hair and nails done.





Vogue NL sponsored the run and they had a cool area where we could take pictures and get them printed. We got pretty distracted by all of these festivities and didn’t go to our start pen until shortly before what was due to be our start time. We registered as sub 50min (one can dream) in order to avoid a crowded start, and there we were about to start at the back! We therefore went to what we thought was our starting pen, climbing fences etc until, we realised that we were actually in the VIP area!!! We were at the front for sure, raving on the cool music played by the DJ. At that point I really thought I was on a cool night out enjoying Amsterdam, not that I was about to run a 10km race!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 16.02.44

Surrounded by the lovely Lissy and Charlie


Photo courtesy of Nike, we were somewhere at the front left!

The start was delayed for some reasons explained in Dutch but at 22h45 we could finally go and wonder in the streets of Amsterdam…which were pitch black and too narrow. I am known for tripping over (remember this story?) and I quickly gave up on the idea of keeping up with speedy Charlie in order to focus and not fall over. To make things worst, there were some road cones in the middle of the street for about 2K as we were supposed to loop back to the finish line. They had no lights on them and I saw a couple of girls bumping into them and one girl even fell down.

The run started OK but my calves really quickly tightened up and felt painful. I have not been spending enough time with my hated beloved foam roller lately. I also think that cycling around the city and all of the little bridges over the canals did not help either.


Photo by Lissy

I quickly lost Charlie, Anne and Melissa and I wished I had my music, especially as I have some great tunes on my playlist lately (see here and here). Even though the race was happening in the city centre, I did not have the feeling to be sightseeing at all, it was too dark. There were nevertheless two “animation” stations along the course: a singer and some ripped topless guys dancing on some podiums. I tried to take a picture but well, I was kinda focused on running (but Charlie managed to take one)

Towards the end of the course, I was really ready to be done. My stomach was reminding me that French fries are not a good fuelling strategy and it was super warm and humid. Then I remembered that my sister was waiting for me at the finish line and that gave me an extra boost of energy.

I realise that my recap sounds fairly negative. It’s true that it was not the easiest race. Yet I still managed to complete the 10K (apparently the course was even 10.4K)(FYI, I have running OCD so this 0.4K is important) in 00:57:58. I am quite pleased with that time. The endorphins high provided by the race also helps to have a positive memory of it hehe. All in all it was a great weekend with amazing friends/sister in a new city, all topped off with a casual 10K. And cake 😉

I’ve also grown to the idea of wearing my medal on a daily basis. I have not taken off my The Boyscouts x nike We Own the Night necklace 🙂 In the mean time, the rest of my medals which are bit too bling bling for a work day rest on the best medal holder ever. Don’t forget to check out my review here, there is a discount code to grab 🙂



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8 Responses to Amsterdam WOTN race recap

  1. Julia says:

    Never been to Amsterdam, looks so cute! I don’t think I’ve ever ran a night race before and imagine it would be really hard with timing the food thing…I am definitely at my best when I wake up, have my coffee and easily digestible fuel (power bar or gu) and then hit the road.


  2. Rachel says:

    Also a nice review 🙂 And I agree, that .4 IS important!


  3. Jessica says:

    Nike do know how to put on a show, don’t they? Looks like the concept was oodles of fun, shame the execution (in terms of parcours) wasn’t quite there! I’d love to visit Amsterdam though, it looks like an adorable place 🙂


  4. x says:

    That’s not very nice to register for a faster group than your target pace! You are exactly the type of person to hog up the race and block faster runners! Terrible race etiquette, and it only encourages more people to lie about their start zones, otherwise they would be blocked by people like you.


    • peachylau says:

      It was a bit ambitious to think I could shave 3min off my PB (53:26) earned the month before at the London WOTN and get a sub 50, but I had high hopes that by sticking with Charlie (who ran in under 50min) I could do it! I don’t think I was too far off signing for this group. Next 10K will hopefully be my sub 50min one 🙂


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