WIAW #10 and trying to eat more fruit and veg

As you know, I am trying to eat my 5-a-day as part of my November goals so I thought I would do a WIAW to let you know how it is going. I am basically following Mike’s advice and try to keep everything very simple.

Flashback to last Thursday when I got up, had a large glass of water and headed to campus to go to a yoga class.


November sky

Unfortunately the teacher had her bike stolen and arrived 30 mins late ( I didn’t have a lecture at 9am so could wait until she arrived). By that time, I started to get a little hungry so grazed on some nuts and raisins.


I had breakfast after the yoga class, which consisted of a pack of Belvita, a banana and a green tea. I would have much preferred some overnight oats but was not organised enough to prepare some. Next time 🙂


Lunch was really easy. I just grabbed random stuff from the fridge to try to have some veg, healthy fats, proteins and carb. That led me to eat some tuna, an avocado, leftover brown rice and a yogurt (not pictured). I was also supposed to eat 2 kiwis but I did not put them in a plastic container to transport them and they turned into kiwi mash ( in a freezer bag, thankfully).


This avocado created such a mess!

Later in the evening I prepared a vegetable pasta sauce with onions, bell peppers, aubergines and tomatoes (added later). Top tip: I now buy frozen onions and bell peppers. No more crying and it saves a lot of time.



With feta cheese and yeast flakes. It was so good!

Earlier on in the day, I had bought some cashew nut butter, which I was dying to try so for dessert I had an apple with some cashew and almond butter. I absolutely don’t know which one I prefer now!


And that’s how I’ve reached my 5-a-day!

What’s your favourite nut butter? Read my previous WIAW here.


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6 Responses to WIAW #10 and trying to eat more fruit and veg

  1. I love almond butter, big fan of hazelnut too!


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  3. j’essaie de manger plus de fruits et légumes aussi
    mais c’est dur :/

    Un concours est en ligne sur le blog!
    Gagnez votre paire de lunettes:
    Coline ♥


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