Ashton court Parkrun

Two Saturdays ago, I ran the Ashton Court Parkrun. For those of you who don’t know, Parkruns are timed 5K runs happening every Saturday mornings at 9am all over the country. I went with Julie, one of my Bristolian running buddy.

This was my second parkrun ever and my first one in Bristol and it was a great!



Asthon Court is absolutely beautiful. It’s a golf course and a deer park. It’s a bit far from where we leave and on this wet saturday morning, we decided to cut through the grass to arrive on time. Bad idea, we ended up with so much water in our trainers!


I was super impressed by the number of runners! Everybody was very welcoming, I love being part of this runner community. We set-off at 9 am sharp for what was going to be the biggest hill training of my life.



Because that’s the thing. I knew it was going to be hilly but I didn’t realise it was going to be THAT hilly! The course loops back at the half-way mark and the first half is one long hill. Let me make this more clear. IT’S A 2.5KM HILL!!!! However, once you are at the top, you are greeted with an amazing view!


And then the best bit. You run downhill for 2.5Km and you run….FAST. My last km was 4’43min/km! Unbelievable (and scary because I fall all the time so I had to really focus in order not to fall).


Such a poser! Thank you to the Parkrun photograph for this pic.

Such a poser! Thank you to the Parkrun photograph for this pic.


The course was 5km, but I had run a tiny bit beforehand to meet Julie, hence the 5.86km.

It was the perfect way to start my saturday. Will I do it again? Absolutely! Although tough, the course is only hard for 2.5Km. It is also the perfect hill training and speed training session all in one. Learning not to be scared of running fast and keeping a strong core to maintain your posture is also very important!

Once home I could see that indeed, I had wet feet…


…before devouring some scramble eggs with broccoli, smoked salmon and avocado on toast. Yum.



Since moving to Bristol, running has allowed me to make new friends. I have regularly been running with Julie, Claire and Olivia. We have been wanting to name “our crew” for a while, just for fun. On our way back from Parkrun, Julie and I started to brainstorm. I was complaining about all the hills in Bristol (may I remind you that I am French, I like complaining) and asked Julie what English word could rhyme with “hills”. She said “kills”. And this is how we named our crew “hill killer girls’. Because that’s what we do! Let me tell you, when you don’t want to get out of bed at 6.15am and Julie texts you “come on hill killer girl, you can do it!” Well you get out roll out of bed and you go run. Thank you my Hill Killer Girls for keeping me going!

roll out of bed and run

Roll out of bed and RUN! #HillKillerGirl


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Have you been to Parkrun before?

What motivates you to go running in the morning?


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2 Responses to Ashton court Parkrun

  1. Jane says:

    Totally agree. Ashton Court is my favourite Parkrun, too.


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