MusicMonday #10 Salute the Sun

Salute The Sun EP


I am super enthusiastic to present you this MusicMonday as for once, I am the one who found a super cool new band (and can prove Alice than I can also make some great musical discoveries too :P).

Today I would like to present you Salute the Sun. Rob, the singer, is on my course and formed the band with fellow Uni members last January. I find their sound really, really catchy, unique and new, I don’t think there is anything like that out there at the moment. It’s a blend of Funk, Pop and Rock with a hint of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I thought that my favourite song was “Levels”, but I keep listening to their EP and cannot decide now, I like them all!!

Speaking of their EP, go and get it now. You could get it for free if you wanted, but really you should give a little donation as ALL proceeds go to charity.

Salute the Sun has just released their first music video, check it out.

To buy their EP:
Official band page:
Twitter: @_SaluteTheSun

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1 Response to MusicMonday #10 Salute the Sun

  1. So cool, I love that side of being at uni all the extra curricular!


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