Don’t be scared to run the Bath half marathon (or any other race)

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Yesterday, the search terms “help me scared bath half marathon 2015 scared” brought someone to my blog. In case this reader comes back, here is what I want to say.

Don’t be scared to run the Bath Half Marathon. I have to say, since studying medicine I have become much more rational. This is just running and there are things more important in life. I know this sounds really harsh but repeating this to myself helps me to contain my race-related stress.

Why are you stressed? I know that I become race anxious when I compare myself to other runners. I have finally stopped that last weekend as I realised that I have never trained as much for a half marathon. This month’s mileage is over double what I usually run for a half marathon. So frankly, I can compare myself to others all I want, there is not much more that I could have done without injuring myself.

Reevaluate your goals. You can run the distance but maybe not as fast as you would like. That’s OK. It’s nice to do a race for fun and not a PB. These are my intentions for this weekend. Once again, I am going to run this without a watch.

Sign up to another race. If you are really after a PB, why not sign up to another race and double your chances to get one this year? My next race is the  RUN Hackney Half Marathon taking place in May, which gives plenty of time to train again. There are still places available for it.

Be smart this week. It’s not the time to try running 18km. It’s time to taper and be healthy in all aspects of your lifestyle. I will be following my 2% strategy

Think of your long-term goals. If you are scared because of an injury, running this sunday might not be the best thing. It’s better to miss one race than not being able to run for 3 months.

I hope that you will have a good race and if you see me, come and say hi 🙂

How do you manage your race-related stress? Share your tips!

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3 Responses to Don’t be scared to run the Bath half marathon (or any other race)

  1. Great post Laureen! I always ask myself “what’s the worst that could happen?” and then I look at how I’ll feel one month, one year and ten years from now. Is missing a race due to injury something I’ll regret in 10 years? Or will I regret running on an injured foot which led to months of recovery? Will I regret not getting a PB that time, or having to walk, or having to stop?
    It’s sometimes easy to get lost in the talk of PBs and splits and comparisons but it really is just running and unless that’s your job, it should be about enjoying yourself.


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