The running mojo is back!

Running motivation California Santa Barbara beach

L. is currently in Santa Barbara, it looks gorgeous.


As you might have guessed from my latest posts, I was not enjoying running that much lately. From feeling that I was not getting faster to trying to find a way to making my training work for me, forgetting about why I run and comparing myself to others too much or absolutely not enjoying the Bath Half marathon at all, it’s safe to say that I needed and break. I was really upset after the Bath Half. Not so much about the time (2h05) as this race was not supposed to be about time. During my training, I tried really hard to work on my feelings and forget about the time, focus on the fun. And in the end, I didn’t even have fun. That’s why I was so upset.

So I took a break.

In 10 days, I only ran twice with B.U.M.S on the runthe running group I created 6 weeks ago. And what a joy. What a pleasure to share my passion for running with them, give them confidence to achieve their goal. 6 weeks ago, we started the beginners on a run/walk programme. 6 weeks ago, they could only run for 2 mins before having to take a break. Tonight, they ran 4K! Next week’s 5K will be a breeze! I am such a proud mama, I could have cried of joy. I also ran with the intermediate group on a pacing exercise and again, they have all improved and smashed their times. The joy on their face was priceless.

And just like that, I ran 11K tonight. Just like that, I texted the Hill Killer Girls to go for a run on Friday 6.30am. Just like that, the running mojo is back!  *insert bicep curl emoji*

Do you need to take a break from running sometimes? How do you get your running mojo back?

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14 Responses to The running mojo is back!

  1. golddh says:

    1) I love the word mojo. Just kind of sounds like what it is
    2) Short / medium breaks are always good for me. I find I’m running faster and further when I return than before I left

    Keep it up!


  2. Yay for finding your running mojo again. I think it’s always sad when your passion dies for something that you truly love, so I’m happy that you have found yours again.


  3. Almost cried in the office reading this. This makes me so happy.


  4. DrJuliet says:

    Glad you found it! Setting up my little running group was one of the best things I ever did. Helping others to discover the pleasures that running gives is so satisfying. Like you it did wonders for my enthusiasm and motivation. Well done


  5. Yay for your running mojo! Mine is being suppressed at the moment due to work and moving (we have a lot to catch up on 🙂 ) but hopefully it will be back to normal soon!


  6. I think it’s always good to take a little break now and again to get the love back for running, I’m planning on some time out post-marathon.

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