Current training regimen for the Vitality Run Hackney

Run Hackney London 2015Hi

The Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon on the 10th May is my next upcoming race. I am sooooo looking forward to racing in London!

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you know that I love reflecting. Well, after the disappointment of the Bath Half Marathon for which I ran A LOT, I decided that yet again, I would try another way of training. I thought about my first half-marathon, Run to the Beat 2010. It still remains my fastest, the easiest to run and the one I had the least training for. It does not seem logical at all, won’t you agree?

I realised that 5 years ago, I was not a regular runner. However, I was regularly going to the gym, doing lots of pilates, yoga, body pump etc. Running was not the main focus, but general strength training was.

It just happens that 2 weeks ago, I went to a running injury prevention workshop organised by Sweaty Betty. Kim Ingleby, a Sweaty Betty brand ambassador and amazing mind body coach gave us her tips. Guess what, it was all about strength training and stretching. Kim shared with us some of the goals she shares with her clients:

  • 1 min plank for every hour of running your race will take
  • 20 full press-ups for 1h of running

I can currently do 1 min plank and 1 full press ups (5 on my knees). Knowing that my first marathon took me 4h40 to run, I let you do the math of what I should be aiming for and how far I am from it.

With that in mind, I decided to focus on strength training for the next 8 weeks. Here is what I have done so far:

Week 1 (16th-22nd March)

  • Monday: Arms and abs workout (lots of push-ups, triceps dips and abs).
  • Tuesday: 10km run with Sweaty Betty
  • Wednesday: 5Km with the B.U.M.S on the run
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 7.8km run
  • Sunday: leg and cardio (sooooo many squats and lunges)

My running mojo is back and ran quite a bit this week without realising it. The good weather and the longer days are really helping. However, I quite like that it was not my main focus. Let’s see how it goes.

How do you incorporate strength training in your running routine?

Why not join me for the The Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon? You can still sign up for it!


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