{Sunday pamper} Coral manicure with an Indian twist 

 Maybelline Urban Coral Indian wedding hennaHi

Today’s manicure is the Urban Coral by Maybelline with an Indian twist as I got some henna done at my friend’s pre-wedding party. This is the perfect colour for spring and I’m very tempted to do this manicure again for the second week in a row! Shock horror, what kind of nail polish addict does that? 😉


Most of the henna is gone now, except on my fingers which are orange now. L. says that it looks like I have been eating Wotsits. I now have a massive craving for these cheesy puffs!

Do you think it’s a faux-pas to have the same manicure two weeks in a row?

What are your favourite crisps?

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13 Responses to {Sunday pamper} Coral manicure with an Indian twist 

  1. No! Looks great to me.


  2. heenajaved says:

    Love getting henna done for wedding’s and special occasions! Yours looks lovely xx


  3. My friend used to practice her henna on me and I loved how intricate the designs were.


  4. Just add some glitter or something to make it a little different.


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