Vitality Run Hackney- training week 5

Project awesome London scope

Project Awesome


Here is how week 5 of my training for the Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon went.

Week 5 (13-19/4)

  • Monday: Nothing, sat at my desk revising
  • Tuesday: 15 min yoga in the morning via Pacster.
  • Wednesday: Project Awesome at the Scope. I first heard about this free workout via Charlie. Although the workout seems challenging and is at 6.30 am (!!!) she has been going almost every week, which can only mean that it’s an awesome workout (read her recap here) (plus she promised that we would have breakfast together after so I was sold). I’m not going to lie, it’s a challenging leg and cardio workout will all the stairs in the world to climb. However, the energy is absolutely FANTASTIC. There is a great sense of camaraderie and support for everyone to achieve the workout hand in hand. Plus Danny, the organiser brings music so you can have a dance off and a great sense of achievement in the morning while overlooking Tower Bridge. I’d happily go again. I also run to and back PA (4km total)
Free workout London Scope project awesome

A quad stretch is HIGHLY recommended after project awesome.

  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: I got new trainers that I couldn’t wait to try so I ran 3km on the treadmill followed by an abs and arm workout.
Women trainers basics blue running

Aren’t they beaaaaautiful?

  • Saturday: 7.5 km Run with Claire and James. It was WARM and made me realise that I was not ready to run Run Hackney in the heat. I need to think about my outfit for the day. My legs felt good but I was quite out of breath during the run. To be fair I hadn’t seen Claire in a while and we were trying to have a catch up, but this run convinced me that I need to get some miles in my legs!
  • Sunday: I finished this week of training with a leg workout. So many lunges and squats! I don’t mind, it’s my favourite body part to work on. It will hopefully help keeping some injuries at bay and lets admit it, it’s perfect to have a nice derrière  for the summer! 

Week 5 was a good week of training! A good mix of running and strength training and a mini yoga workout. My problem is consistency. See you on wednesday for week 6?

What’s your favourite body part to train?

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15 Responses to Vitality Run Hackney- training week 5

  1. I’m coming to London next week, and planning on running lots in the evening. Glad to hear it is warm there!


  2. Great week of training! I find that making sure I hydrate and wear far less layers helps when running in the heat. Good luck in your half!


  3. Our run was mega hot and of course we had the HKG keeping the pace up! It was great to catch up, hopefully I can make an evening this week. x


  4. I’m training for Run Hackney too, this will be my second half marathon. Training has been tough and I’ve ended up getting injured, having problems with my calves. Hoping Sports Massage tonight might help iron things out as we don’t have long left! :S


  5. Sounds like a great week! I wish mine was this productive – a 6:30am class sounds pretty much impossible. I should definitely see if my gym offers one and see if I can make it before work.

    My favourite body part to workout is probably my arms, but I don’t do it as much as I should because of the pain in the days afterward!



    • peachylau says:

      Haha well if you scroll back the archive, you’ll see that I am not always consistent and that week 4 was not very good.
      I absolutely HATE training my upper body but have been forcing myself this training cycle. I still cannot do a push ups, only triceps dips
      are becoming easier. Do you have an arm exercise to recommend?


  6. Great training week. Hackney was so bloody hot last year, I’m glad they’ve made it earlier in the year as it was hopefully? be cooler


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