Vitality Run Hackney- Training week 6

Bristol Harbourside running route sunset

Seen on Tuesday’s run


Here is my week 6 of training recap. Only two weeks to go before race day!

Week 6 (20-26/4)

  • Monday: On Monday I did 30 min of yoga via Pacster after my exam. I did it with my mum via webcam, it was pretty cool!
  • Tuesday: I met up with Claire and James and did 8K with them. It was tough at first, James is speedy and I have to admit that I had not warmed up before going, which probably did not help. However, my legs started to feel good after 5K and I was quite sad for our run to finish at 8K. I didn’t want to revise for my exams stop running so I then did another 8K on my own. And wow. This was the most enjoyable run since the Bristol half marathon back in September. I felt so good, free and alive and in a a semi state of meditation admiring the sunset taking place before my eyes. This was the run that makes all the hard ones worth it.
  • Wednesday: rest aka exam revision
  • Thursday: 5K run as a post exam celebration. Tried to have a go at a more summary outfit but it seems that all my shorts give me chaffing so I really don’t know what I’ll wear on race day if it’s a warm day.
  • Friday-Sunday: I had good intentions to workout but I did not, I enjoyed my time in London celebrating the end of this batch of exams and walking a lot in the city. I also did some good carb loading for the London marathon, cheering takes a lot of energy!

An extra strength workout or another yoga session would have been good to round up this week, but I am really glad that I managed to squeeze in a long run. I will try to squeeze another one in in week 7.  I actually cannot remember my time for it, I don’t even recall looking at it! I think that I have finally managed to let go of goal paces etc and just run for the fun of it!

Have you had one of these amazing blissful run I mention above? If not, keep going, they are rare but so worth it!

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5 Responses to Vitality Run Hackney- Training week 6

  1. Yes to running for the fun of it- it’s the way forward 🙂

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  2. Congrats on the end of your exams. Sounds like you had a brilliant run in the middle of the week!


  3. So glad we helped you warm up for an awesome run 🙂 Let me know if you’re in Bristol in the next few weeks as we’d be up for some longer ones – we’ve just realised how close the Bristol 10k is..


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