Join me on Pactster for a #SummerPact and you could win Deliciously Ella’s cookbook

Pactster home workout yoga

Getting ready for some early morning yoga with Charlie


Have you heard of Pactster? Hou might have come across it during my Run Hackney training recap but let me explain what it is a bit more. Pactster is a great online platform where you can workout from the comfort of your own home. What’s innovative about Pactster?  Well it has a unique webcam system that allows you to connect with your friends and workout with them so you can support and encourage each other!

I absolutely love it and really believe in the Pactster project. I have been giving a lot of feedback to Katie and Imme and I am now the first Pactster ambassador!  Some of the upcoming developments are really great so watch this space.

Thanks to Pactster, I have done some yoga workouts with my mum who is in France. It was a great way to catch up while getting a workout in. More importantly, it has enabled me to achieve one of my fitness goals! A couple of weeks ago, I made a #SummerPact with Charlie : I had to be able to touch my toes and she had to do a forward bend. We both completed our goals!

Now it’s your turn to do a #SummerPact. Why not pledge to workout at least once a week?

Indeed, if you to 4 workouts on the Pactster platform between now and the 12th of July, you could win a copy of the Deliciouly Ella cookbook.  We all know that it’s easier to accomplish goals when a friend keeps you accountable so do your 4 workouts with a friend and you could both win a copy of the Deliciously Ella cookbook!

In summary, here is what you have to do:

1. Complete 4 workouts on Pactster within the next month

2. After each completed workout, write the hashtag #SummerPact in the feedback box so we can see you’ve completed your workout.

3. Share that you’ve completed your summer Pact with the hashtag #SummerPact on Twitter or Instagram, or tag Pactster on Facebook.

A winner will randomly be selected out of the participants on the July 14.

Competition running from June 12 until July 12 2015.

My #SummerPact is to be able to do a full press up and to maintain my newly gained flexibility. What’s yours? Join me on Pactster and lets achieve our goals together.

Pactster Summerpact Deliciously Ella cookbook


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