Running 100K per month and my May-June training


I have not blogged much about my post Vitality Run Hackney training, nor my June training but I kept active! In fact, I ran approximately 100K in May and June. Long term readers, you know that I like to set myself goals and “announcing” them to try to keep accountable. This is also why I love Pactster and creating summer pacts with my friends.

In May, I joined the Dubndiducrew, the running crew led by French blogger Anne to challenge myself to run more. I usually log 60-70K a month and felt that I needed a challenge to keep me going post half marathon. I really enjoyed following the other participants and the encouragements that came from this group challenge. For June, I decided to re-attempt to run this distance and for this created a more fitness-related instagram account(@Peachy_runs) to log most of my workouts. Interestingly, I only did one double-digit run in June. Unlike in May, I ran more often but shorter distances.

When I was not running, I did a lot of cross-training, notably yoga. I used online videos for that via Pactster and Jasyoga. I didn’t train legs specifically, unlike during Hackney half training but focused on my upper body, and back notably. Up to now, I would often train my abs and neglect my back while both are important for a strong core.

I am very pleased to say that I have managed to achieve all my fitness objectives these past two months. In May, I ran 100K and managed to become flexible enough to touch my feet when doing a forward bend and in June I managed to also run 100K and finally complete my first full press up! If you remember, this is something that I was already trying to achieve during my Hackney half marathon training.

I feel that these two months have given me a strong base for my marathon training, which should start next week (eeeek). Making a pact really keeps me going. For July, my next #SummerPact will be to  increase my plank time to 90sec! Why not make a pact too and join me on Pactster to achieve it? If you complete 4 workouts in the next week, you could win Deliciously Ella’s recipe book. More term and conditions at the end of this blog post.

What will your #Summerpact be?


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4 Responses to Running 100K per month and my May-June training

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  2. Great job on hitting your goals. Good luck for marathon training 🙂


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