A high protein dessert with Muscle Mousse

 muscle mousse strawberry protein dessert casein wheyHi

Not so long ago, I shared a chocolate mousse recipe that would enable you to have 3 servings of fruits and veg in one go. This time, I have a high protein dessert mousse for you. I do not normally supplement my diet with protein powder but since marathon training has started, I am a bit more conscious of my protein intake as I found during my  last marathon training that it helped me to recover from long training runs.

I have read that the optimal time window to consume whey protein is within 30min of finishing your workout. The thing is, I tend to finish my long runs somewhere where I can brunch (ah!) or I want real food, making it tricky to incorporate a whey protein shake.

That’s where Muscle Mousse comes in. It contains micellar casein on top of whey, meaning that it has a slower nutrient delivery time. The other very innovative aspect of Muscle Mousse that I particularly like is that it is consumed in the form of a mousse, so you can have it as a dessert or a snack that will leave you satisfied. Now the million dollar question, what does it taste like? I have the strawberry flavour and it tastes sweet like Angel Delight and is strangely addictive. It has a slight protein powder after taste but no a grittiness or powdery texture. I expected something compact but it was actually smooth, it blended really well.

muscle mousse dessert strawberry high protein I ate it after 45min refrigeration and it had a thick yogurt-like creamy texture. The mousse can keep up to 48h in the fridge but they did not taste as nice then, they had hardened a bit so I would recommend eating them freshly made. The fresh strawberries were a nice addition and in the future I would add more fresh fruits to mix it up a bit as it felt a bit sickly by the end of it (I would proably feel the same after eating so much Angel Delight haha). That being said, L. and I both polished them. L. uses whey proteins after every workouts and says that he will now start using Muscle Mousse to get the benefits of a slower-release protein supplement in the form of a tasty dessert.

Do you use protein supplements?

Website: Musclemousse.com

Twitter: @MuscleMousse 

I was sent Muscle Mousse for review but all opinions are my own.Badge_join_me_on

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