Are healthy snacks making you fat?

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I am not one to count calories, but on Monday I came to the realisation that I should perhaps track things a bit more as my healthy snacks/nut addiction is perhaps not the healthiest.

On Monday, I carried on with my smoothie addiction, but this time made one with two massive tablespoons of peanut butter. Fine. I was still hungry after lunch and went to the supermarket after to by an apple. Did you know that a pink lady is 60p and that you can buy 5 raspberry-filled donuts for 65p?! The struggle to make the healthy choice was real. Close to the till, I noticed the new graze snacks packets and a Nakd bars. I proceeded to buy both….and eat both in the afternoon along with my apple. It’s later that it hit me. Fair enough all of these are healthy and full of proteins….but it’s also full of FAT!

Here are the statistics. Between the peanut butter in the smoothie, the naked bar and the graze box, I consumed 853 calories, 33g protein, 39g carbs and 62g fat, including 12g of saturated fat! That’s over a third of my daily recommended calorie needs. According to the UK dietary guidelines [1], based on a 2,000 calories diet, your daily fat intake should be 70g, including 20g of saturated fat…

Now, I am not saying that I am going to start tracking calories, but I will try to reduce my nut intake and snack on fresh food instead, as this was a bit of an eye opener. On a separate nut note, I had an AWESOME speed session that evening, which also means that I could possibly do which such snacks before a tough running session. Perhaps just not everyday.

Edit 11h15: Just to clarify, healthy fats are good for you and this is why I include them daily in my diet and would encourage you to do the same. However that day I also had avocado, smoked salmon and cooked with coconut oil, which are also great sources of healthy fats. As mentioned in the comments, I believe that it would be better that in the future, my snacks come from a variety of food and not just nuts.



Do you check how much nuts you eat?

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14 Responses to Are healthy snacks making you fat?

  1. Some foods that are advertised as healthy really do have a lot of calories and fat. I have the same problem. I try to stick to simple foods, usually homemade, that don’t have a lot of calories. If it has fewer ingredients the calories and fat are often less than a store-bought protein bar or something similar. So, I always go for simple.


  2. I do this. Especially with nuts and avocados. And then I wonder why the scales haven’t shifted when I feel I have been so healthy!


  3. Elle says:

    I eat A LOT of nuts. EVERY DAY. I also don’t count calories. Nor do I go by the recommended daily allowance for a woman (2000kcal is over eating for someone who needs to lose weight and is under eating for someone who is highly active).
    If you don’t have weight issues then there’s little benefit gained from counting calories and restricting your diet.
    Nothing is bad for you. Everything in moderation and then finding what works for you!


    • peachylau says:

      That’s why I don’t and as mentioned above, I had an awesome speed session that evening. However this seems like a lot of nuts for one day when I didn’t hit my 5 daily portions of fruits and veg. It could be good to swap one of these snacks for fresh food 🙂


  4. Also, there is a good argument that snacking is not ideal and if you’re hungry between meals then you either need to eat more at meals or add more protein into your meals. If I snack, I end up in an endless snacking cycle which is not great when I note that I consume more calories in snacks than in actual meals!


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  6. cakevsscales says:

    I have often wondered ‘Am I eating too much good fat?’ I enjoy my fat’s like everyone else who follows a relatively healthy lifestyle…several spoonfuls of nut butter each day, real butter when needed, coconut yoghurt, nut’s as a snack and so on. I do track my macros’s and I’m comfortable with my fat’s being high on low carb days but on high carb day’s I do need to get into the swing of slightly lower fat’s.
    It is tricky because fat’s as sustaining, tasty and are often the most simple way to to boost a meal/snack…
    All a bit swings and around about’s really 🙂 – My latest snack is apple wrapped in ham, of course there is some fat but it’s a good alternative to nuts!


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  8. It’s SO EASY to go overboard on healthy snacks. I now track my macros to see how different ratios affect my body. But I used to chuck some bananas, milk, peanut butter and oats in a smoothie and call it a healthy snack. Don’t get me wrong, it’s healthy, but it’s also basically a full meal worth of macros!


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