SmartShake, perfect for your snacks and shakes

slim black smartshake healthy snack

SmartShake is perfect to carry my snacks and my protein powder


Have you heard of SmartShake? As the name indicates, it’s a pretty smart shaker. The innovation lies in the fact that it has a separate compartment for you to put your protein powder in it, so you can have a protein shake straight after your workout and use it as a regular water bottle until then. Lawrence uses his all.the.time and will not go to the gym without it. It blends protein powders really well and we have been using our SmartShakes to make our protein mousse (read my review here).

After Monday’s realisation that I might slightly be overdoing it with my nut intake, I’ve been bring mine* to the office  to carry one of my snacks: a mix of salted caramel dark chocolate, almonds and dried prunes. I have the slim version, which is elegant and has a 500mL capacity, the perfect size when you are already carrying toms of tupperwares, your running gear etc. The possibilities are endless. You could also use the compartment to put your keys, jewellery, change, an emergency hairband or headphones in.

You can buy SmartShake online but I have also seen them in Boots and Holland and Barrett stores.

*PR sample – All opinions my own and a very thankful Lawrence so I don’t steal his SmartShake anymore.

How do you carry your snacks or protein powders? 


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