Sunday reads #1


I have decided to rename my “Links I’d like to share with you” series “Sunday Reads” because it seems much better to catch up on all these lovely articles on a relaxing Sunday. Here are some of my favourite recent reads.


Jen is training for her first ultra marathon and shares how important it is to have a good support network. I couldn’t agree more and wouldn’t have embarked on this second marathon journey without a good support network.

Ashley got the confidence to run in a sports bra and I admire her so much for this as I do not have the confidence to do this yet.

Charlie is training for the Chicago marathon and I absolutely LOVE this article and the wise words of her coach on “wanting it enough“.

Leah shared with us her running story

Lissy wrote about how she can get “inspiration overload” from what everybody is doing out there but how important it is to remember why you are doing the things you are doing and enjoy the process along the way. I get it, I wrote an article on why comparison is the thief of joy earlier this year. I hope that my blog can inspire you but also show you that the process is not always easy. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and keep going.

If you are a runner or want to understand runners better, have a look at these 22 facts, they are hilarious.

whole 30 salmon avocado olive salad healthy

Leah’s feel good food.


Leah wrote about the whole 30 diet she follows a couple of time a year and why this is for her. Some people can see it as a soundless diet (and I mean diet as in an eating regimen, not a weight loss process) but it is what makes her feel good and therefore what she should be doing. Very much like with running, we shouldn’t always compare our plate with our neighbour’s.


If you are a Londoner, this will make you smile.

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2 Responses to Sunday reads #1

  1. Ben Edwards says:

    Really enjoyed reading your posts. Will be following your progress! I’m currently training for 3 marathons in September!


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