Bristol + Bath Marathon: Training update week 5

Bristol to bath marathon training run less run faster


Apologies if you were expecting this post yesterday, I am following my own advice and getting lots of sleep lately. Week 5 of training was a good week. Touch wood my ITB has not been playing up again. I am working on a post on its management so I can share with you some tips that can helpfully be helpful to you if you suffer from the same problem.

Monday: Really awesome speed session. I hit my target pace and was mentally focused despite running on the treadmill. I can think of 4 things that made it better than the previous ones.

treadmill marathon training run less run faster intervals

Sweat fest

  1. The pace was the same as previously but the running intervals were longer. They still felt easier and I might just be getting stronger/training is paying off.
  2. This week the plan recommended resting interval as opposed to light jogs between repeats. That really really helped.
  3. My treadmill incline was 0. I usually always run on an incline of 1. That’s probably a massive factor as to why it felt easier.
  4. It’s the day I had all these snacks and perhaps it’s just what I need before a speed session.

Tuesday: I did an ab and upper body workout from Kayla’s Itsines Bikini Body Guide 

Wednesday:  I went running with fellow Hill Killer Girl Hannah in the morning. I did not hit my tempo pace but I still ran 1min/K faster and 2K more than what I usually run early mornings. Plus I wanted to have the time to chat and have a proper catch up as it is the last time we will run together for another couple of months. I encourage you to read Laura’s latest post on letting go of target paces when marathon training.

Thursday and Friday: I was supposed to do some cross training on one of these day but it did not happen as I finished work late both days and couldn’t face working out in the evenings. This is why I like to workout in the morning and be part of the 6am club. If you do it first thing in the morning, you cannot bail! I watched this video again for a boost of motivation.

Saturday: Long run, 22.5K. I cannot believe that I casually ran more than the half marathon distance as part of my training. I decided to run about half of my run on the trails and it was amazing. So peaceful, quiet and much softer on the knees than concrete. My splits were a bit uneven but my overall pace was bang on the one recommended by the training plan so, I was quite pleased with that. My stupid watch stopped at some point and it took me some time to realise it so I ended up running 1K extra.

Although the run itself did not feel too difficult, it completely wiped me out and I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed and only got up to meet Claire to eat cake. That’s the other side of marathon training for you: it makes you t-i-r-e-d (and hungry, but you already knew that).

deer park bristol ashton court

I stumbled on some nettles to take this picture. That was NOT fun.

Bristol Ashton Court

IMG_6909 Sleepy head post long run

Sunday: Lots of sleep and cross training in the form of moving flat. Believe me, that was a workout.

Upon reflection, I am glad that I managed to do my 3 runs this week and I felt strong for the 3 of them. I wished my organisation had been better so I could have done some more cross-training but what can I say, life happens and I prioritised the running this week.

The next 3 weeks are going to be manic. Lots of travelling and a wedding. I do not know what this will mean for my training but I will sure keep you updated!

Do you like trail running?



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3 Responses to Bristol + Bath Marathon: Training update week 5

  1. Those photos are amazing, it’s so great to get out into nature on a run. I need to take your advice and rest a bit. In fact I’m on forced no-running rest, so I definitely need to take a hint and sleep some more. Also do you recommend BBG? I’m conflicted on whether they’re worth paying for!


    • peachylau says:

      I like BBG, it’s a good effective workout. However running is my priority and I thus not always have time to do the BBG. If your aim is to have a “Bikini
      Body”, best is to follow the plan to the letter and therefore have time for it. There offer a free workout sample on the website, have a look so you can decide whether or not you like this type of training 🙂

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