Bristol + Bath marathon: Training update week 4


If you read last week’s recap, you know that I decided to take it easy and skip a few runs in order to let my knee rest. I did just that but had an unexpected side-effect from it. After 3 weeks of  scheduling my workouts and having a clear plan, not having one really impacted other aspects of my life. No running meant that I got more stressed without realising it, didn’t eat nor sleep well, nor had as much motivation in general. This marathon training was always going to be one or two things 1) a source of stress or 2) a motivation to be organised to fit it all in my diary. I am happy to say that it has been the latter and I am now very motivated to keep training.

Week 4

Monday: I led my staff running group and took it easy, probably running 3K ish. I did not have any knee pain however I was “aware of it” if that makes sense. I therefore decided that I would probably have to wait a bit longer before getting back into running. In the evening, I just did some gentle stretches.

Tuesday: Long foam rolling and stretch session. I realise that although I get a stretch during my yoga workouts, it would probably be a good idea to have a separate weekly stretch and foam rolling session in the diary.

Wednesday: Still doing some self-care such as icing my knee, massaging my legs, stretching etc.

Thursday: Gentle morning run with fellow Hill Killer girl Julie. It’s during that run that I realised how much I had missed training. It gave me so much headspace and a good dose of endorphins that were very much needed. Legs felt ok but I still iced my knee after.

Friday: I started doing a yoga class with Steph via Pactster however I was not really enjoying it so while Steph was carrying on with it, I chose to do a 25min barre workout via the NTC app. It was a great workout that contained strengthening moves for the gluteus medius. Weak hip abductors such as the gluteus medius are a cause of ITB syndrome so I know that I need to start strengthening those more (can you tell that musculoskeletal anatomy was my favourite to learn this year?).

Bristol Balloon fiesta suspension bridge

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Saturday: When deciding to take it a bit easy to allow my knee to rest, I thought that I would skip the interval training and the tempo runs but try to keep up with the long runs in order not to fall behind too much my marathon training plan. I felt ready for my 19.5K run on saturday and decided to go for it, with the clear instruction that I would head back home at the first sign of pain. It did not go completely according to plan but it was a very happy run, so much so that it got it’s own little recap that you can read here.

Sunday: Foam rolling and stretching with a Jasyoga lower leg Hit reset video.

I know that I will have to go back to the drawing board for my marathon training as this can only happen again if I do not change things. More details on this once I know how to approach things differently. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

How do you manage your injuries during race training?

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{Sunday pamper} Pre-wedding skincare

bridal makeup wedding skincare

Good light does wonder


I managed to have really good skin back in June and when I had my bridal makeup trial, opted then not to use any foundation for my wedding makeup, just a bit of powder on the T-zone. However, my skin is a bit more “bumpy” lately… With the D-day in less than a month, and absolutely no time to have another trial and find a foundation, I have come up with 10  skincare “rules” to sort things out.

1. Interdiction to try new products in case I have a bad reaction to them

2. Make sure I take my makeup off before exercising

3. Do regular face masks and exfoliation

4. Keep my lips moisturised

5. Make sure I wear suncream

6. Keep my hands off my face

7. Not overdo it on the eyebrow tweezing

8. (Technically not skincare) Do regular hair masks

9. SLEEP MORE. My dark circle cannot be hidden at the moment

10. Tone down the icecream addiction and other junk food. My thighs will keep the junk food secret but my face can tell you exactly what I’ve been eating!

Pretty straightforward, don’t you think? I believe that going to bed early will be my biggest challenge but I will try!

Please share your pre-wedding/big event skincare tips with me!

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A happy long run


This morning’s run was a pain-free, happy run. Firstly, I am happy that the injury management steps I took for my ITB seemed to have paid off and that I did not have to stop running for too long (I took one week off). Don’t get me wrong, I know that this was probably a quick fix and that I need to change my training routine  as if I do the same things as the past 3 weeks, I am likely to get injured again.

Secondly, I am really proud of how the training for this marathon has been going until now. Since deciding that I would not pressurise myself with any time goals, I’ve been relaxed about my training and just enjoyed running. A couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to brush things up so easily (you might remember my thoughts pre-Hackney half marathon). Today’s run was not perfect. I didn’t hit my target pace, I was 100m short of the target distance (19.5K)  but couldn’t be bothered to run more, my cumulated stopping time was 33min(!) and I couldn’t even wait to be home to eat my baguette…but that’s ok! It was sunny, people were smily, I wasn’t in pain, I listened to my favourite podcasts  and I have now a whole weekend ahead of me to relax.

It’s taken me a LONG time to get there but I am happy to finally be able to say that it’s all about the journey!!

Do you get upset if your run does not go according to plan?

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Yummy protein-packed breakfast smoothie.

breakfast smoothie protein Hi

I am not sure why but since Monday I have been craving smoothies for breakfast instead of my usual ones. I found yesterday’s  one particularly filling as it is protein-packed and so decided to recreate the recipe this morning and share it with you.


  • 1 big banana or 1.5 small one
  • 150g cottage cheese (1/2 pack, I use full fat)
  • 50g spinach (1/2 a small pack)
  • 1 massive tablespoon of almond butter
  • 5 tablespoons oat
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein
  • 1 dash cinnamon
  • 250ml milk (I used soya this morning although this is not a dairy free recipe)

This makes over a pint of smoothie. It’s not a sweet smoothie so you could also add some honey if you fancy something sweeter.

Let me know if you try it!

Do you like having a smoothie for breakfast?

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Bristol + Bath marathon: training update week 3

Bristol + Bath marathon training run less run faster


Already 3 weeks of training of training done, 12 weeks to go! Or at least I hope my body will cope and allow me to. I left you last week saying that my flute pain was gone but that the knee pain was starting. I basically get lateral knee pain when I start running. It goes away after a while… but unfortunately this only got worse. After a quick chat about my symptoms with a physio friend, it seems that the pain could originate from my ITB. I therefore need to work on that and will probably have a proper physio consult at the end of this week if things persist.

Here is how week 3 of training went.

Monday: I started my morning with a Pactster video with Steph where we tried a yoga + pilates fusion class. It was good to work on the core while getting a stretch.

At lunch time, I led a staff couch to 5K group and took it easy, alternating running and walking.

english summer running marathon training

I look so incredulous because I couldn’t believe that I went there and own it in the rain.

In the evening, I did my tempo run paced by a super speedy friend and we nailed it. I am so thankful to Scott for pacing me, as giving him the reign of our pace and just having to follow/chat meant that I spent an extra run away from the time/pace stress zone. Plus it was absolutely disgusting horrible rainy English summer weather and I would probably have bailed if faced to do this run on my own. So thanks again Scott.

Tuesday: Knee pain was present while walking…urgh. In the evening I was supposed to catch up with Charlie and do some yoga via Pactster but for once technology failed us.

Wednesday: I still went ahed with my mid-week 17.5K long run knowing that I would not run at the weekend (it’s all about being flexible with your training). The lovely Hill Killer Girl Lucy joined me. This is the second time we run together. Upon asking her what she was possible training for to accept to do such a long run on a Wednesday, she replied that she just wanted to be supportive and that I should have to do run alone!!! What a babe. It was amazing because as you can see from the picture below, I was not super motivated. I had done absolutely rubbish with my fuelling (having a mackerel salad for lunch and baguette with nutella later is not great pre-evening long run, trust me). We did 13.5K together and I finished the last 4 on my own. We went a bit slower than the target pace but this was not a problem as we never checked our watch, I am just happy to have covered the distance.

running motivation marathon training bristol + Bath

Not motivated at first… However I came home from my run with a big smile on!

Thursday: Foam rolling. Icing the knee…

Friday: I made the difficult decision to skip the interval training session. Once you have a plan, you just want to stick with it and it can seem scary to deviate from it. Considering that the pain goes away after running for a while, I was convinced that I could do the run. However, deep down, I knew that skipping that run was not going to affect my marathon training while doing it actually could push this baby injury to become something much more serious. I chose to listen to the voice of reason and skipped my interval training.

Saturday-Sunday: It was my hen do and I was spoiled with a very relaxing weekend and an afternoon at the spa. Well worth going through that long run on Wednesday!!

I am not going to lie, this week was a little set back and now puts me off running as I am paranoid that I might injure myself badly. I will keep listening to my body and shuffles runs around if need be. On the other hand, after 4 days of no training, I really feel like I want move around and be active. Perhaps I need to up my strength training to get stronger and prevent injury? Is this a sign that working out has become a habit and isn’t a chore anymore?

Do you feel that working out is a chore?

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