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Vitality Run Hackney 2015 Race Recap

 Hi Long time no see! I had my third wave of medical school exams and blogging just had to take a step back. Sorry for the lack of warning and not giving you the outcome of the Vitality Run Hackney … Continue reading

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Running injury prevention and management- shin splint

Hi It’s no secret that running is a high impact sport than can take its toll on our bodies. Since my training for the Paris Marathon last year, I have a weak shin. Thankfully, I am also more aware of my … Continue reading

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The running mojo is back!

Hi As you might have guessed from my latest posts, I was not enjoying running that much lately. From feeling that I was not getting faster to trying to find a way to making my training work for me, forgetting about why I … Continue reading

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Don’t be scared to run the Bath half marathon (or any other race)

Hi Yesterday, the search terms “help me scared bath half marathon 2015 scared” brought someone to my blog. In case this reader comes back, here is what I want to say. Don’t be scared to run the Bath Half Marathon. I have … Continue reading

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A flexible approach to training for a race, by A Magpie in the Sky

Hi If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am friends with the Ultra babe Steph. We met last year at the Paris marathon and I am so proud of how far her running … Continue reading

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