What I packed – skincare

Here are the skincare product that I packed for my trip to Houston:


So half of them are not in the original containers. I can only recommend the MUJI travel size pots for when you are traveling (science people, aren’t you tempted to say that you are taking “aliquots” of your products?).

From left to right:

Nuxe creme fraiche de beaute suractivee. I love this cream, I have been using it for years as a night cream. It is too rich for me in the day time. I love the orange smell it has and it just does a great job at hydrating my skin.

Dermalogica daily exfoliant dermalogica. This exfoliant comes as a powder. It is suitable to use daily but I don’t, my skin cannot handle daily exfoliation. I use it once or twice a week.

Dermalogica special cleansing gel. I use this cleanser twice a day. It is just the best for my skin (when I am not unfaithful and start using random Japanese products). It is a “no soap” cleasing gel, non-drying and helps to prevent breakouts. I usually buy their 500 mL bottles (that’s right, 1/2L!) so it lasts me forever and I am on my 3rd bottle which tells you how much I love it. My boyfriend is actually the one who introduced me to this brand. He has been using this forever and it is super handy that we use the same (except when we go on holiday and both rely on the other one to take some ha).

Noreva Actipur tinted moisturiser. Sorry for the dirty packaging but this is really tinted and I tend to close the tube before washing my hands and put some everywhere. Like for most of these products, I need to write a more thorough review on the moisturiser. It is the best to keep my imperfections at bay. It has amazing coverage, I do not wear foundation when I use this, which I think also contributes to make keep my skin healthier as I do not need as much makeup. It give a mat finish which I adore and means I do not need to use a powder (and risk breaking it as demonstrated here). BUT it doesn’t contain any sun-protection which is rubbish!!!! I am obsessed with sun-creams because I have a few marks on my face that only get worst in the sun so once the sun will be out in London, this has to go back in the draw.

Dermalogica Multivitamin power recovery mask. Can you tell that I like dermalogica? I have tons of products but when I have to cut it short and go to the essential, I choose this brand. Well I did say that I would try using more facemasks. This one does miracle when you are tired, it’s like sleep in a tube lol. I am quite gutted that the duty-free section at the airport was tiny, would have loved to top-up on dermalogica products.

Lumene eye gel. One of my very good friends lived in Finland for a few months and got me this as a present (my friends know me well). It is a very nice eye gel, hydrating and doesnt give me puffy eyes in the morning. I used it twice a day.


Simple cleansing facial wipes. I do not usually use wipes as I prefer the Bioderma makeup remover (see here) but I did not want to take the risk of running out of Bioderma  or cotton pads. These are the only wipes that do not sting my eyes and do a good job overall. However I will always follow this with a cleanser as I do not think that they give a deep enough cleanse on their own.

Stay tuned for the rest of the products I packed!


What is your favourite cosmetic brand? Dermalogica

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