Vitality Run Hackney- Week 2 of training

Hill Killer Girls Run Hackney training half marathon

With the Hill Killer Girls. We do not need a head torch anymore during our early morning runs!


Week 2 of the Vitality Run Hackney was not a good one due to my lack of judgement on how long some Uni task would take me or by choosing friends over the gym (which is must needed some times). Anyway, here is what I did.

Week 2 (23-29th March)

  • Monday: Arms and abs workout
  • Tuesday: Was supposed to do some yoga but had a glass of wine and a good chat with some girls on my course. The outcome was the same I must say, I had a relaxing evening.
  • Wednesday: Was supposed to run but focused on finishing my essay. Then went to a neuro revision session before catching up with Cazr.
  • Thursday: Was supposed to be leg day but then got caught up in uni work and packing for the Easter break
  • Friday: Morning run with the Hill Killer Girls and honorary member James. We ended up running 8.4km.
  • Saturday: Should have been a park run but was so tired that I stayed in bed and then was too busy to go for a run.
  • Sunday: Planed rest day to travel to France.

Organisation is really the key to fit it all in. If I plan my day well, it’s ok, if not, the plan goes AWOL and it’s a big mess. Same with eating.

Oh well, there is always another week to get the training right.

How was your week of training?

Why not join me for the The Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon? You can still sign up for it!

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{Sunday pamper} Empties #3

Benefit Bourjois Gemey makeup


Student budget oblige, I have been really good at finishing my beauty products before opening/buying new ones and just use all the things I had accumulated in my beauty stash. I must admit that I had to stop reading beauty blogs to avoid temptation.

I cannot remember in which post I mentioned this, but lately, I have so much on my mind that I do not have the brain space to worry about things such as makeup. Don’t quote me on this but I am pretty sure that I read somewhere that many successful people such as Steve Job or Barack Obama wear the same outfit daily in order to have to avoid making small decisions that occupy brain space, in order to focus on what they really want to achieve.

I actually get it. Why spend so much energy deciding on the colour of your blush while you can just wear the one that you know suits you? I’ve now cut down my makeup routine to 3 min, no kidding and here are 3 of the products I have been using and just finished.

Benefit They’re Real mascara

I absolutely love this mascara and this was my 3rd tube. I love that it’s really black and that you can easily build up on it, from one coat for a daily look to several for a more dramatic one. I will buy another tube.

Bourjois Healthy Balance powder

It’s a very good unifying powder that you can build up for more or less coverage. On good skin days, I do not need a tinted moisturiser or foundation, this does the job. I will buy it again. It’s perhaps as good and more accessible than the Clinique one I used in the past.

Maybelline Intant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle concealer

I discovered this concealer a long time ago thanks to French blogger Coline. This is my second tube. I absolutely love it, it has good coverage, doesn’t look cakey and doesn’t show my mini wrinkles. I also use it to conceal blemishes. The problem is that I haven’t been able to find it in my latest trips to Boots. Hopefully I can perhaps find it during this short trip to France. Otherwise, what budget concealer do you recommend?

What are the latest makeup products you finished?

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Links I’d like to share with you – March


Here is this month’s edition of links I’d like to share with you. Some are from the archives but still very good reads.

On Friendship and running

I have just finished writing a reflective essay on how I believe will help me to be a better doctor. I am so grateful to have found that hobby and so grateful to L. for encouraging me in doing so. You see, L. is an amazing guitarist. At the time, I was quite jealous of not having a proper hobby and he’s the one who said that I could give running a try! My life has changed so much in the last year but running has been my constant.  Running enabled me to settle and make new friends in Bristol. Leah’s post on friendships is very accurate.

♥ Cazr has just started a blog to record her medical elective in Sydney and her training for her first half-marathon! I think Sydney will be a beautiful place to train for it, can’t wait for the pics!

I recently came across this post from Georgina’s archive and still find it very accurate: Confession of a health and fitness blogger 

Jen fell in love with running thanks to London. The same happened to me almost 5 years ago! Here is what London taught her.

Want to know how I met fellow Hill Killer Girl Julie? Here is how. 

Healthy eating

♥ If you want some juicing inspiration, check out 3 of my recipes for beginners.

I like Charlie’s idea of natural running fuel. I have a lot of gels etc to finish and will try to go natural once I finish my stock.

♥ I was eating Reese’s cup the other day and almost had a heart attack when reading the ingredients. Not because of the calorie content, but because of all the GMO and E numbers. I try to organic as much as possible. It’s very difficult on a student budget hence why I cut down on meat and try not to buy cookies etc. I mentioned it to Steph and she took upon the challenge to make me some organic copycat Reese’s cup. YUM

healthy organic reese's cup

The copycat Reese’s cup. Picture from Step


♥ Bangs, who if you remember is one of the amazing Boom cycle instructor is an early bird. She gets up at 5am and go for a run! After falling off the early morning in February, I asked her how she does it and here is Bang’s answer on how to be an early bird. I’ve taken her advice on board on how to embrace my natural body clock and I am back on the early rise!

Jemma recently published her little time savers tips that help her get stuff done. I used all the same tips. One I would add is to prioritize. No one has ever died of dirty laundry. Sometimes sleep or a good catch up with a friend is more important.

What was your favourite article published this March? Let me know so I can catch up on my reading list.

Previous editions of Links I’d like to share with you can be found here

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What I Ate Wednesday #13

WIAW What I Ate WednesdayHi

It’s been a while since I’ve done a full WIAW, so here it goes, looking at what I ate on Monday.

Easy banana pancake coconut oil


I did my favourite trick of pretending that it was still the weekend by having a cooked breakfast. I had these perfect banana pancakestopped with cinnamon, coconut oil and maple syrup.

Also had 1/2 a coffee.




Healthy trail mix


Mid-morning snack

I fuelled my library work session with some coffee and my favourite trail-mix: mixed nuts, dried apricots, dried prunes and dark chocolate.

Up to maybe a month ago I would almost never eat chocolate and now I have it daily. I’ll have to write a post about that.



I made a big batch of lentils and brown rice at the weekend to use as my salad base during the week. On monday, I added a tomato and 1/4 cucumber to it.

I finished my lunch with some grapes.

easy lunchbox salad

Healthy grape snack











Dinner was the same as the night before, some chicken cooked with peppers and garlic, kale sautéed in garlic, soya sauce and coconut oil (best combo ever) and some steamed broccoli.

Healthy diner chicken kale broccoli

I stopped by Waitrose on the way home and they had small baguettes reduced at 5p! Yes please, that’s perfect for my student budget! I had some with camembert and grapes.

Baguette camember grape French

Later in the evening I had a glass of wine and some jelly bunnies (6 perhaps?)  to keep me going for our creative writing essay. FYI, I re-read my draft the following morning and it was not that bad!

red wine jelly bunnies

P.S: This post made me realise that between all the Tupperware, coffee flask, bottle of water and emergency Nakd bar, by backpack is just full of food! You can soon start calling me Tony the fridge

Do you have food in your bag? If so, what do you carry around?

Read my previous WIAW here

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Current training regimen for the Vitality Run Hackney

Run Hackney London 2015Hi

The Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon on the 10th May is my next upcoming race. I am sooooo looking forward to racing in London!

If you have been reading this blog regularly, you know that I love reflecting. Well, after the disappointment of the Bath Half Marathon for which I ran A LOT, I decided that yet again, I would try another way of training. I thought about my first half-marathon, Run to the Beat 2010. It still remains my fastest, the easiest to run and the one I had the least training for. It does not seem logical at all, won’t you agree?

I realised that 5 years ago, I was not a regular runner. However, I was regularly going to the gym, doing lots of pilates, yoga, body pump etc. Running was not the main focus, but general strength training was.

It just happens that 2 weeks ago, I went to a running injury prevention workshop organised by Sweaty Betty. Kim Ingleby, a Sweaty Betty brand ambassador and amazing mind body coach gave us her tips. Guess what, it was all about strength training and stretching. Kim shared with us some of the goals she shares with her clients:

  • 1 min plank for every hour of running your race will take
  • 20 full press-ups for 1h of running

I can currently do 1 min plank and 1 full press ups (5 on my knees). Knowing that my first marathon took me 4h40 to run, I let you do the math of what I should be aiming for and how far I am from it.

With that in mind, I decided to focus on strength training for the next 8 weeks. Here is what I have done so far:

Week 1 (16th-22nd March)

  • Monday: Arms and abs workout (lots of push-ups, triceps dips and abs).
  • Tuesday: 10km run with Sweaty Betty
  • Wednesday: 5Km with the B.U.M.S on the run
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 7.8km run
  • Sunday: leg and cardio (sooooo many squats and lunges)

My running mojo is back and ran quite a bit this week without realising it. The good weather and the longer days are really helping. However, I quite like that it was not my main focus. Let’s see how it goes.

How do you incorporate strength training in your running routine?

Why not join me for the The Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon? You can still sign up for it!

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