FREE Wireless Fitness Class this Saturday

What are you doing this Saturday? If you are free and in London, come and join me for a FREE and fun outdoor workout with Wireless Fitness!This event is organised in collaboration with the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar. I went to a class last year as well and had so much fun! Basically, every participants gets a wireless headphone set. You can then clearly hear what the instruct says (which to be fair can otherwise be a problem in an outdoor class), enjoy the music at the sound level that suits you most, and get into the zone! 

Wireless Fitness Logo

Wireless Fitness Lrg Grp Wireless Fitness Dance

Come enjoy the fresh air, perfect before spending an afternoon eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine (at least that’s my plan for the rest of the day)

To join, just drop an email to Matt at

Saturday 13/12/14, 12    Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, SE11 5 London

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RUN Hackney 2015 10/05/15

The Run Hackney 2015 half marathon on the 10/05/15  just joined my 2015 race calendar!

Run Hackney

I am SO EXCITED to run this race! Last spring, I was dealing with my PhD thesis/med school applications and I waited too long to sign up for this race, which I really regretted afterwards. So far, the three half marathons that I ran in London were all Run to the Beat around Greenwich park so I am looking forward to running  somewhere new in London!  It’s a flat course that passes East of London (love the East). And in case I needed another reason, it’s another opportunity to try to get a sub-2h time in case I don’t get it at the Bath Half hehe. Last year, many runners suffered from the heat as the race took place at the end of June and it was a particularly warm day. However, the race takes place in May this year so the weather should be per-fec-to!


There is still time to apply and get a £5 discount on your race entry if you sign up by Monday the 15th of December. For that, head over to

If you need some more convincing, here are some great recaps from last year: Charlie’s, Lucy’s, Jen’s, Lauren’s, Elle’s and finally Laura’s from a marshal’s point of view.

I have been given a complementary race entry but all opinions are my own.

What’s your favourite race in London?

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Ashton court Parkrun

Two Saturdays ago, I ran the Ashton Court Parkrun. For those of you who don’t know, Parkruns are timed 5K runs happening every Saturday mornings at 9am all over the country. I went with Julie, one of my Bristolian running buddy.

This was my second parkrun ever and my first one in Bristol and it was a great!



Asthon Court is absolutely beautiful. It’s a golf course and a deer park. It’s a bit far from where we leave and on this wet saturday morning, we decided to cut through the grass to arrive on time. Bad idea, we ended up with so much water in our trainers!


I was super impressed by the number of runners! Everybody was very welcoming, I love being part of this runner community. We set-off at 9 am sharp for what was going to be the biggest hill training of my life.



Because that’s the thing. I knew it was going to be hilly but I didn’t realise it was going to be THAT hilly! The course loops back at the half-way mark and the first half is one long hill. Let me make this more clear. IT’S A 2.5KM HILL!!!! However, once you are at the top, you are greeted with an amazing view!


And then the best bit. You run downhill for 2.5Km and you run….FAST. My last km was 4’43min/km! Unbelievable (and scary because I fall all the time so I had to really focus in order not to fall).


Such a poser! Thank you to the Parkrun photograph for this pic.

Such a poser! Thank you to the Parkrun photograph for this pic.


The course was 5km, but I had run a tiny bit beforehand to meet Julie, hence the 5.86km.

It was the perfect way to start my saturday. Will I do it again? Absolutely! Although tough, the course is only hard for 2.5Km. It is also the perfect hill training and speed training session all in one. Learning not to be scared of running fast and keeping a strong core to maintain your posture is also very important!

Once home I could see that indeed, I had wet feet…


…before devouring some scramble eggs with broccoli, smoked salmon and avocado on toast. Yum.



Since moving to Bristol, running has allowed me to make new friends. I have regularly been running with Julie, Claire and Olivia. We have been wanting to name “our crew” for a while, just for fun. On our way back from Parkrun, Julie and I started to brainstorm. I was complaining about all the hills in Bristol (may I remind you that I am French, I like complaining) and asked Julie what English word could rhyme with “hills”. She said “kills”. And this is how we named our crew “hill killer girls’. Because that’s what we do! Let me tell you, when you don’t want to get out of bed at 6.15am and Julie texts you “come on hill killer girl, you can do it!” Well you get out roll out of bed and you go run. Thank you my Hill Killer Girls for keeping me going!

roll out of bed and run

Roll out of bed and RUN! #HillKillerGirl


If you enjoy reading Peachylau, you can vote for it in the “Best Blog” category for the Running Award 2015 here until midday today, GMT time. Thank you :)

Have you been to Parkrun before?

What motivates you to go running in the morning?

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December goals and the Running Award

I have have been nominated for “The Best Blog” at The Running Awards 2014. If you enjoy reading Peachylau and would like to vote for it, you can do so here. You’ll need to scroll down right to the bottom to find Peachylau. Thank you in advance :)


Here are my December goals

1*** Stick with my November goals.

Rather than goals, I see these as good habits that I would like to maintain.

How am I going to achieve this? As my friend Nike would say, JUST. DO. IT. I like to think that we are friends considering the amount of running gear that I have from them.

2*** Start race training

I have really enjoyed this break from training. Lets hope that it paid off, that I am stronger, and that I can get faster.

How am I going to achieve this? I am going to stick to the plan I followed for the Bristol half marathon. You can see my weekly recap here.

3*** Keep strength training

Now that I have to fit more runs in my weekly schedule, I mustn’t neglect strength training.

How am I going to achieve this? Make a plan that includes strength training and just. do. it (sense a theme here?). I am going to focus on arms and glutes. Regarding arms, I went from 2 kg to 5 kg and I went from one push-up (on my knees) to 5. You are absolutely allowed to giggle, I find it hilarious to but hey, we all have to start somewhere! Lets see if I can up these numbers by the end of the month! I also need to focus on glutes with all the hills around in Bristol. I am teaming up with Leah for this and so we can keep each other accountable (it’s in writing hun, we need to do it now!)

4*** Stretch, stretch and stretch again

Hills make my calves really tights and I know that this doesn’t help with my old shin splint injury, nor my back, nor my knee…you get my point.

How am I going to achieve this? I’ve reunited with my beloved foam roller. It really hurts, but it is also really effective.

5*** Stay hydrated

Everyday, I carry a 750 mL water bottle and I barely drink half of it… I have tea/coffee in the morning, sometimes in evening and perhaps one during the day but I really don’t drink enough water.

How am I going to achieve this? Fill my water bottle and just. drink. it.



Do you have any goals for December?

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November goals- how did it go?


I cannot believe it’s December already. Time to see how I go on with my November goals.


1*** Become a morning person.

YES! I am definitely getting up early now (between 6.15am and 6.45am) and I think that I did almost all my workouts in the morning rather than evening. This video is absolutely brilliant to get some motivation to become a morning person. Admittedly, if I am not working out in the morning, I am not always very productive. Possibly because I have not used Jessica’s awesome template yet.

2*** Exercise 4 times a week minimum

Yep, I’ve done that one in the end I even ran more than once a week.

3*** Read a book

Ahem, nope. I did however read a few poems from Jacques Prévert. My dad offered me this book when I was a kid and I absolutely love it.

Jacques prevert


4*** Start my “French diet”

I have definitely been eating more according to my French diet and tried to eat my 5 a day. You can see a recent WIAW here. I will try to publish another one this week. 

Stay tuned for my upcoming December goals.

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