Bristol Half Marathon training week 8 aka the no running week

As you can see from the title, I haven’t been running this week, obviously despite what the training plan recommends.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 19.46.52

What I haven’t told you is that I have been having a niggle in my lower back since week 5. What started as a niggle after running transformed into permanent pain this week. I would just feel it walking around.

Monday & Tuesday: Rest and stretching. I did start to feel a bit better after last Sunday’s Yin session.

Wednesday: Another Yin Yoga session. I am so glad Steph introduced me to Yin yoga. This week I could hold better some poses that I could not on sunday and generally felt that it helped to release some of the tension in my back.

Thursday: I was supposed to go hill training and then plans changed. I actually think it was for the best as even though Yin yoga is all about stretching, it can be a but intense. I was definitely feeling a bit of DOMS on thursday.

Friday: Time to BOOM at Boom Cycle for a Carnival-themed indoor cycling class. I’ve said it before, I love Boom Cycle. I love how the workout is matched to the music and how intense it is. I was perfect to get some low impact cardio in the lovely company of Steph and Lissy. Once again the class had me stripping.



Saturday: Rest

Sunday: No real excuse for not going running today, except that I was perhaps a bit scared that my back would start hurting again and also I think I’ve been putting a bit too much pressure with that sub 2h goal. I know that I can run the half-marathon distance and right now with everything going on for my departure to Bristol, it is making running a little less fun. So sunday instead of running I dealt with a few remaining work stuff that clearly should have the priority.


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Sole performance socks

When it comes to running, one of my first advice is to invest in some good running gear. Sure, you can pretty much run in anything, but to me good sports clothes do make a difference.

They make me feel good about myself
I do like a crazy pattern leggings as seen here.

They motivate me to workout
One of my motivation advice is to just get into your workout gear for some extra motivation. If I do this, I usually find it silly to change back to my “civil clothes” without having worked out.

They increase my performance
Technical T-shirts really make a run more comfortable and technical clothes in general can help you avoid chaffing. I wear specifics bras/tshirt/trousers for running, so why on earth haven’t I thought of investing in running socks before?

Of course I’ve seen performance socks in stores but I never believed they could make a difference and decided to save my pennies and not get them. Prior to the Paris marathon, Leah made us an awesome packing list spreadsheet and of course technical socks were on it. I had a little laugh thinking that I don’t understand what the big fuss is all about. Let me tell you, I wasn’t laughing after the marathon when my feet had blisters and my toenail went blue.


I was lucky to receive some Sole technical socks to trial AND WHAT A DIFFERENCE. They are designed with no seam, a dual layer to avoid rubbing and chafing are just sooooo smooth and soft. The socks perfectly stay in place thanks to an elasticised arch band and anatomical left/right fit. It’s been warm this summer and with perspiration, you are more likely to get blisters (I would like to believe that I am a princess that never gets sweaty feet, but unfortunately that’s not the case).

sole socks

The funny thing is that as I was reviewing the socks I would be thinking at the end of my run “oh, how are my feet, I forgot to think about them”. That’s the point!!!! You can forget about your feet and just enjoy your long run.

Do you wear specific socks for running?

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{Sunday pamper} Benefit They’re real Push Up Liner

For today’s Sunday pamper I would like to talk to you about Benefit’s latest eye liner: They’re real Push Up liner.
I went out with Steph, Lissy and Charlie on Friday night and Lissy was sporting this amazing “cat eye” style liner. She’d used the Benefit Eye liner and confirmed that it was really easy to apply thanks to it’s angled tip. What’s more, it’s on offer at the moment where you can buy the They’re real mascara and a miniature of the eye liner for £19.50. I agree that it is pricey but considering that I usually buy this mascara anyway (I’m on my 3rd tube, it’s the best), this is an amazing deal!

IMG_4001.PNGI am technically challenged when it comes to putting eye liner. Let’s not even mention trying to get “the flick”. I have tried and tried since my teenage years and never succeeded. I am having a massive clear out prior to my departure to Bristol and recently through out all of my eye liners.

IMG_3999.JPG I can confirm that this IS AMAZING. Here is the result after MY FIRST ATTEMPT!! I managed a flick. I am so excited! IMG_3998.JPG
As it is a gel formula, the eye liner is long-lasting and comes with it’s own makeup remover. Personally, I use an oil makeup remover and didn’t have any troubles removing it.

Can you easily put eyeliner?

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Bristol Half Marathon training week 7

And another week of training done! This week as well was a bit tough motivation-wise but I managed to pull through!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.08.36

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30min “body flexor” workout from the NTC app

Wednesday: Tempo 5K-ish run. My aim was to push my body and keep my pace at around 5.30K/min. My splits were 5’33 – 5’22 – 5’25 – 5’23 I am quite happy with those. The problem is that I have NO IDEA how I can maintain such speed for a longer distance.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Another speed session instead of the 45 min programmed run. 10min steady, 5x 1min faster with 1min normal pace, followed by 5 x 1min full speed and 1min walk or stand still.

Thank you to Charlie for getting me out there for this session and to my sister’s motivation playlist.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: I met up with Steph as part of her 32Km marathon training. I met her 10K in and ran 10K with her.


These new Nike capris were my leaving do present hehe.


There she is!

I am so proud of Steph, she is acing her marathon training and was definitely the one pacing me, not the opposite!


IMG_3897.JPGLater on in the afternoon I changed for some more lycra and went to Steph’s for afternoon tea. I sampled her AMAZING homemade cinnamon bun and granola bar. Afterwards, we went to a session of YIN yoga.



YIN yoga is all about relaxation and stretching. You hold each pose for about 5min and it is FANTASTIC. I felt so relieved from all mental and physical tensions after it and had an amazing good night sleep. I am definitely going to keep up with this and have already found a studio in Bristol that offers Yin yoga classes.


Have you tried YIN yoga before?


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{Sunday Pamper} Nails of the week #9

Hi girls, how are you today?

Here is the colour I have been sporting all week, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s n7 gel effect in Peacock Green. I thought I would get bored of it very quickly but I kept it all week long. I would probably have kept it a bit longer as actually it is actually very long lasting!


What colour are you wearing this week?

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