Music monday #8 My studying playlist

I do not often listen to music when studying but sometimes I do, in which case I like fairly relaxing songs.

I thought I’d share with you the “studying” playlist I have been creating. Feel free to suggest any songs/artists you like listening to in your quiet time.

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Motivation to get into the 6amCLUB

I have been setting up my alarm earlier and earlier since the beginning of the month in order to become an early riser. I have been really enjoyed it as it has allowed be to see some beautiful sunrises and go on early morning runs with friends.

I don’t know about you but I can feel the end of the week and the cold weather catching up with me. I have a 6.45 am run planned for tomorrow morning and was about to find excuses to get out of it when I realised that I will never get that sub 2h 1/2 marathon time by staying in bed. I still don’t hold any grudges for not getting a sub 2h at the Bristol 1/2 marathon, it still remains my favourite race to date, but I would really like to finally reach my goal at the Bath half-marathon.

So if you too are in need of a little motivation for tomorrow morning, watch the video below!

Are you part of the 6 am club?

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WIAW #10 and trying to eat more fruit and veg

As you know, I am trying to eat my 5-a-day as part of my November goals so I thought I would do a WIAW to let you know how it is going. I am basically following Mike’s advice and try to keep everything very simple.

Flashback to last Thursday when I got up, had a large glass of water and headed to campus to go to a yoga class.


November sky

Unfortunately the teacher had her bike stolen and arrived 30 mins late ( I didn’t have a lecture at 9am so could wait until she arrived). By that time, I started to get a little hungry so grazed on some nuts and raisins.


I had breakfast after the yoga class, which consisted of a pack of Belvita, a banana and a green tea. I would have much preferred some overnight oats but was not organised enough to prepare some. Next time :)


Lunch was really easy. I just grabbed random stuff from the fridge to try to have some veg, healthy fats, proteins and carb. That led me to eat some tuna, an avocado, leftover brown rice and a yogurt (not pictured). I was also supposed to eat 2 kiwis but I did not put them in a plastic container to transport them and they turned into kiwi mash ( in a freezer bag, thankfully).


This avocado created such a mess!

Later in the evening I prepared a vegetable pasta sauce with onions, bell peppers, aubergines and tomatoes (added later). Top tip: I now buy frozen onions and bell peppers. No more crying and it saves a lot of time.



With feta cheese and yeast flakes. It was so good!

Earlier on in the day, I had bought some cashew nut butter, which I was dying to try so for dessert I had an apple with some cashew and almond butter. I absolutely don’t know which one I prefer now!


And that’s how I’ve reached my 5-a-day!

What’s your favourite nut butter? Read my previous WIAW here.

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Top tips from a Personal Trainer: Mike from Bubalu Bristol

If you have read my November goal, you know that this month I will be focusing on trying to eat my 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. Charlie is also on an eating plan reset for November and pledged to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg per day. We were having a conversation about it on Twitter when Mike from Bubalu said that I could come to their store so he could give me tips/advice on how to reach my goals. I did not hesitate and went there 3 days later.



Bubalu is a fitness cafe where you can grab some food, a coffee and also attend fitness classes. I immediately liked the atmosphere, the music in the background was chilled and not too loud and I like shops with an open kitchen.

I had a good chat with Mike about my goals and how fine tuning my nutrition can help me. Here are his top tips:

  • Stay hydrated. Drink water first thing in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Train 3x a week and do your hardest workout on a monday so it’s done and out-of-the-way.
  • Don’t skip rest days, they are as important as your workouts
  • Change your exercise routine every 4 weeks to keep challenging yourself
  • Keep your food clean and simple. It’s 80% about nutrition and 20% about exercise.
  • Focus on eating a good amount of protein
  • Meal prep in order to stay on track with your diet
  • Plan your workouts around your meals so you do not miss the best window post workout to re-feed and replenish your body
  • Smoothies and soup are a great way to have more than portion of fruit and veg.

Mike at work


The Berry Juice smoothie, I highly recommend it.

I really enjoyed our conversation. Mike is very knowledgeable. From my own research/medical background, I get really annoyed when PTs give me non-accurate scientific facts and I dislike advice on fad diets or even more so “detox”. There was none of that. Only very sensible advice, most of it I probably already knew. However, what makes all the difference is that I now feel accompanied and ready to apply these changes. Mike’s advice were all adapted to my lifestyle and not “cold” like when you read them from a magazine. For instance, I have been trying to cut down on meat so Mike gave me some great ideas on lentil recipes or how to make a tasty dip with plain yogurt (better for you than mayonnaise).

If you do not know where to start with your fitness routine, or like me want advice on how to take it further, go to Bubalu. If you are not in Bristol, still check their website out as it is very resourceful. I have already signed up to my Uni gym and unfortunately Bubalu is a 45 min walk from my house so I would not go regularly. However, they offer over 35 classes a week so I will probably go from time to time to do some work (they have wi-fi), enjoy a smoothie and then go to a workout. Sounds like a plan for a productive afternoon, doesn’t it?


Students, you will be pleased to know that there is a 5% student discount on food and drinks and also a £5 lunch and drink deal between 12-2pm.
Bubalu, 79-81 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8AS
The Food menu






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Links I’d like to share with you #2 – motivation

Towards the end of October, I had a little lack of motivation to start training again. However I came across some pretty inspiring and motivating stories that helped me get my mojo back so I thought I would share them with you.


♥ Lucy’s weight loss story. I met Lucy during marathon training and had absolutely no idea of “her story”. I am so proud of her for accomplishing this and having become a bad-a*se triathlete.

♥ Jessica’s transition from party animal to fitness blogger. I‘ve known Jessica for over 10 years so have met her pre-, during- and post her party days. I am very happy and proud of her for becoming the person that she is now. I think that more than a story of how to become a fitness enthusiast, her story is about self-discovery.

♥ Jessica’s morning routine  is what prompt me to say “right, I need to sort myself out” and decide to build a morning routine as part of my November goals (which you can read here)

♥ Charlie slightly lost her running mojo lately, which I can relate to, and give good advise on how to get it back. It’s mainly about letting go of the pressure we can put on ourselves and get some new goals. I couldn’t agree more with this later, it’s one of my advice for runners too and the reason why I already signed up for some races for 2015 (check them out here)

♥ Lissy shared 3 videos that will make you want to run. They indeed made me want to go run so go watch them!

To read more links I wanted to share with you, check out my previous post.


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