WIAW #9, RUNger and why you shouldn’t eat before going food shopping

A bit late in the day but here is my WIAW of this week, focusing on Monday.

Soooo, you might have heard me talking about RUNger before (run-induced hunger) and monday was definitely one of these day where it was impossible to stop eating. At first I didn’t know why and then realised that I had a tough week of training behind me, and especially a long hilly run the day before. Now I don’t really predict which day is going to be a WIAW day. I just wake up and decide that it is going to be the day and that I will present it to you, “perfect” eating or not.

For breakfast I had a cup of tea, a power smoothie (strawberries, frozen tropical fruits, fromage blanc, orange juice and some turmeric and cinnamon for their anti-inflammatory properties) and some rye bread with almond butter and prune jam made by my lovely friend Claire <3


Not photographed but mid-morning I had a coffee and 4 biscuits. Ahem. My colleague came back from China and brought back tons of cookies and I had to try one of each.

For lunch I had some leftover butternut squash and broccoli, this salad from M&S and the nectarine. Apologies for the messy desk, I took the pictures before going to the lunch room.


I didn’t eat the yogurt nor the rice cakes in the end.

In the afternoon I had the Alpro yogurt I didn’t eat at lunch time, 1/2 a Quest bar and a few almonds.


Afterwork I went to the supermarket to pick up some diner and here is a reminder on why you shouldn’t go food shopping when hungry: you might go mental and buy stuff you absolutely don’t need. I picked up these crisps and some kinder chocolate, which I would never ever usually do. I ate the whole pack of crisps on my way home…


For diner we had an omelette, spelt and green beans.


For dessert we had a sort of Eton mess: fromage frais, strawberries and meringue.


Here was my day of RUNger eating, which I tried to keep balanced despite the massive cookies/crisps cravings.

Do you also “suffer” from RUNger during race training?

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Bristol Half-Marathon training week 3

Already 3 weeks of Half Marathon training done! WHERE does the time go? I’m glad to report that compared to week 2, I smashed week 3 of my training! Here’s what was on the program:

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 20.22.59

And here is what I did:

Monday: Rest day to recover from my weekend…ahem

Tuesday: Just over 30min run (6.4km) along the river followed by a 15min abs NTC class and lots of stretching and foam rolling. I met up with Audrey for that run and she helped me to get out of the rut in which I was stuck during week 2. The funny thing is that it was the first Audrey and I met. We have been reading each others blog for a while and had conversations via twitter and it’s very naturally that we decided to meet up for a run. Gotta love social media! However as I am a bad blogger I didn’t take a selfie of us. Next time!

Wednesday: 1h pilates class

Thursday: BRICK workout in partnership with the London Duathlon and BOOM Cycle. The London Duathlon is a run-bike-run event which is taking place on 14th September 2014 in Richmond Park. Unfortunately I cannot take part as I will be moving to Bristol that weekend. It’s a shame as it sounds like a lot of fun, especially if you sign up as a team.  Places for the London Duathlon are now sold out but you can still enter for a charity place: http://londonduathlon.com/charities

london duathlon

During a BRICK training session, the aim is to practice multisports (bike-run in this instance) one after the other with minimal or no interruption in between. I considered this being my hill training for the week as the 30 minute spin class mimicked the hills on the Richmond Park where the London Duathlon will take place. After that, we then went for a 4K ish run.

It was tough! I really really pushed myself. Never a class had me stripping before. I couldn’t even hold my phone still after. Apologies for the blurry pictures.



Transition from spin shoes to running shoes




Even though I cannot take part into the London Duathlon, I will incorporate BRICK workouts in the future as they really, in my opinion, enable you to train for the second part of the race, the one where your legs are tired and like jelly.

Friday: REST DAY

Saturday: Thanks to Sweaty Betty and Glöanna I was lucky enough to win tickets via twitter for Run Glöanna , a fun event were you have a shot of prosecco (at 8.30am), set off for a 5K run in Battersea park, and then enjoy a 45min yoga session. Post-yoga we had a brunch consisting of sushi, more prosecco and fresh fruit and listened to the awesome DJ’s playlist.

Even though it was a rainy start, I loved the day. I had never been to Battersea Park before and it was a great discovery! It’s so cute! I liked the fact that this wasn’t a race but a casual 5K where I could catch up with my running buddies and make even more running friends! We all had a good giggle from the start. The yoga class was AMAZING. Even though it was a bit challenging (as you can see, I just relaxed and took pictures instead of attempting head stand…ahem), the 45min passed by too rapidly.



With Leah, Kiera, Lucy and Jen


Photo courtesy of Leah. By the way, I LOVE my Fabletics capri.


Picture by Jen

Right, you do that while I take some pictures…



Sushi and Prosecco brunch


The best portaloo ever



blogger-image-869329486Picture by Jen

Sunday: 60min run (10K) with lots of hills and lots of swearing and a sense of pride for smashing my week of workout and reaching the 1,000K milestone on my Nike+ app.

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Music Monday #3: Remixes vs originals

Hey there, summer is back and so is Music Monday. Here is what Alice prepared for you this week.

I really love discovering new songs but sometimes I really prefer the remix compared with the original. Does it happen to you as well?

And what I love about remixes is that you cannot find them on the usual streaming platforms. Here are my latest preferred remixes vs the original version. Click the links bellow to check them out :)


1. Lana Del Rey‘West Coast’ (Solomun Remix)

There’s no doubt I love (L<3VE) Lana, but for this song I feel that the original misses punch. This remix from Solomun has the little twist the song needs!


2. Lykke Li – ‘No Rest For The Wicked‘ (Klangkarussel remix)
Seriously I can’t stop dancing on this track thanks to the remix while normally it’s quite slowish and sleepy!



3. Broods – ‘Bridges’ (High Høøps edition)
Fan, Fan, Fan, no need to say more, this just puts you in a good mood!
Broods are a very promising band, really like what they are doing.
‘Never Gonna Change’ (Lone Remix) is also a remix from Broods that I really like.

Broods – Website : the band will be playing live at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on July 22th


4. Pharrell Williams‘Happy’ (Neus remix)
Fed up with ‘Happy from Pharrell? Right, me too! Give it a 2nd chance with this version:



5. Real Magic – ‘Dancing On My Own
Originally from Kings Of Leon, check out Real Magic did a little beauty out of it! Who said Rock music couldn’t be turned into Pop-Electro?

Real Magic – Website


See you next Monday!

Twitter: @Alice_Jacquet

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More Chia seeds and FREE breakfast

We talked about one of my new favourite breakfast options yesterday, Oats+Chia by The Chia Co. Well the Chia Co has launched another chia seed containing breakfast (or snack) product,  the Chia Pod, a ready-to-eat energy breakfast power lunch containing a full serve of chia seeds mixed with coconut milk and real fruit. If you are not an oat lover like me, this one is for you.


There is a spoon in the lid, which is perfect to have breakfast on the go.

What’s even better is that the Chia Pod Pop-Up Breakfast Bar at Regents Place is offering FREE Chia Pods – The pop-up will be at Regent’s Place until Friday 18th July (today) then off to Old Spitalfields Market from the 19th-20th July.


The Chia Pod Pop-Up Breakfast Bar. Hurry, sample stocks are limited.

Again, these come in different varieties– banana, mango, blueberry and vanilla bean extract – each containing 3 grams of Omega-3 ALA and 5 grams of dietary fibre as well as essential protein, vitamins and minerals. If you cannot grab one at a Chia Pod Pop-Up breakfast bar, don’t worry, they will soon be available from selected Tesco and Waitrose stores.

Have you tried chis seeds before? What’s your favourite way to eat them?



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Chia seeds is a superfood that I was introduced to by Leah during my Paris Marathon training. It’s a great source of omega-3, fibres and proteins. Also, from a more scientific aspect, chia seeds also contain high amounts of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps keep you full longer, promotes good sleep and a sense of calm. Chia seeds do not have a particular flavour so are a great addition to your salad, porridge or smoothies. I particularly like using them in my overnight oat.

I was thrilled when Caroline kindly sent me a few samples of  The Chia Co new Oats+Chia. Indeed, breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and I am always after new options to keep things interesting.

Oats+Chia is a clever blend of wholegrain oats, chia, fruits and coconut oil. It comes in several flavours, my favourite being the Banana & Mango one. What I really really appreciate about Oats+Chia is that you only need to add hot water and that it is dairy free! Even though I do not follow a dairy free diet, milk is the one thing I can’t have. Most instant oat contain powdered milk but Oats+Chia contains coconut oil. This latter contributes to the awesome flavour and makes it very creamy!

photo 1

I was so impressed by the creamy texture and the fact that I didn’t need a microwave. The day after trying this for the first time, I had a super early flight to go on holiday. You know, the kind of flights that makes you leave home at 4am, when you just want to sleep and not have breakfast, and makes you arrive starving at the airport and spend all your money at the duty-free shops…

photo 2

Cheap airport breakfast

Well no more of that. Ask any coffee chain for a cup of hot water (remove 1/4, they put a bit too much), add your pack of Oats+Chia, stir and voilà, your awesome breakfast is served. 

photo 3

Let me know if you have any tips to make a porridge picture look good!

Oats+Chia is available from Tesco since June.

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