Random #3- Race the Tube

This evening I came across a pretty random video that made me smile and also feel a bit emotional, and I wanted to share it with you.

A Londoner, James Heptonstall  filmed his overground sprint from Mansion House to Cannon Street station. He had 80 sec to climb 75 steps, go across two gates and run a 380m sprint before getting back on the train.

Why did this make me emotional? Because this man has set himself a goal, probably trained a lot, asked himself why he was doing this to himself, felt pain, gave it his all and completely smashed it in the end. I can relate to that. Can you?

The full London Evening Standard article can be read here


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{Sunday pamper} Nails of the week #10

For this Sunday pamper, I present you the manicure I did last weekend during my Pure Relaxation session :)


It is the Boots No7 “Gel effect” in Golden Sands and I have to say that it got me quite a few compliments this week. The good news is that it is £7 and with the £5 off voucher I had for No7 makeup, I only had to pay £2!

What are you up to this Sunday for your pampering session? I am just going to take this nail polish off and start unpacking all my boxes as I just moved in to Bristol!


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How to stay fit while traveling #TravelFit2014

As you know, I was on holidays at my parent’s in the South of France. Even though it’s nice to soak up the sun, I also needed to keep training for the Bristol Half Marathon. I managed for week 9 of the training and if you remember well, my first week of training was already while abroad.

Here are some tips to make working out while on holidays happen.

1. Bring your sports gear with you. I know, this seems very obvious but if you do not bring any workout clothes, well you will probably not workout.


I brought my foam roller with me too!

2. Go running. It is by far my favourite way of training on holiday as you only need a pair of trainers and is a great way to discover new surroundings

3. Go hiking. If you do not want to go running, go on a hike! It is also a great way to see the outdoors. And if you do not want to see the outdoors, go on a hotel hike! In Las Vegas, the hotel Aria organises an indoor hotel hike where you will go around the hotel complex, the restaurants, casino and lots and lots of stairs!!! No escalators allowed! How cool is that? With that there is really no excuses not to exercise a little between two casino sessions!

3. Use the Nike Training App I don’t think I need to introduce it anymore, I have regularly been using it during this training cycle. Beware, some exercises seem deceivingly simple but will leave you with great DOMS the following day.

4. Train HIIT style HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training where you alternate between period of intense exercise with a short period of recovery. Check out my week 9 recap here for a 10min HIIT full body workout. For more inspiration of short workouts, I also like to look at Ashley’s amazing Pinterest board full of hotel room workouts.

5. Book a hotel with a gym. I haven’t stayed in a hotel in ages, I usually go back to my parents’ in South of France or rent a flat/room via Airbnb. However, during his road trip in the US, Lawrence made full use of the hotel’s gym in order to keep up with his fitness routine.

6. Go on a RUNcation. The other option is to plan your travelling around your fitness plans and not the opposite. I have taken RUNcations to Geneva and Amsterdam to fit my racing schedule. You can read my Amsterdam We Own the Night race recap here.


How do you stay fit while travelling? Let me know!

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Bristol Half Marathon training week 9 -back to some running

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 23.06.06

Monday: I started week 9 pain free. However, I was still scared of running and the bank holiday rain was enough to put me off. I was nevertheless motivated to workout and I decided to do a couple of NTC exercises.

  • Stretch/foam roll
  • 15 min To the core workout, focusing on the core as indicated by the workout name
  • 15 min Lengthen and Stregthen focusing on core and glutes
  • 15 min Arm definer. Oh.My.Days, there were so many press ups in this workout. I am very week in my upper body and always try to avoid workouts that include press ups, which is exactly why I had to do this workout.
  • 15 min Full stretch guide to finish it all.

It turned out to be a good session! If you do not have the NTC app yet, I urge you to download it. It is free and enables you to do a lot of workouts with minimum equipment. Some of today’s exercises required dumbbells and a medicine ball but I found an alternative in my cupboards…

Tuesday: Travelling to Provence (yay)

Wednesday: First run in 10 days. My back was feeling better. I guess sometimes you need to listen to your body and rest when needed. I actually did a 800m sprint training as I was a bit pressed for time.

5min warm up, 800m easy jog, 800m walk/easy jog x3 and 1km run to finish and some stretching. The sprint intervals (4’06, 4’12, 4’07) were tough after 10 days of no running and I will try to improve my times next week.

Thursday: 30min NTC workout (fighter) and 3 x 10 tricep dips.

Friday: rest

Saturday: In the morning, I did a 10 min total body workout (1min exercise with 15sec rest in between)

  • Squats
  • Press-ups
  • Plyo lunges
  • Crunches
  • Calf raise
  • Tricep dips
  • Plank
  • Bridges
  • Side leg raises (1min each side)
  • IMG_4196.JPG

    Quick workout before lunch

In the afternoon I went to for a 5.5km run followed by a long stretch and foam roller session.

Sunday: rest

I am glad that my back did not hurt more. However I could definitely see how much I needed to engage my core during the speed training so I need to keep up working on it!

Not long to go now! Read my previous training recaps here.


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{Sunday pamper} Pure relaxation

I am finally back home and on social media :)

I thought I would carry on blogging while away but life took over. I am happy to be home and after meeting my girlfriends for lunch, I can relax and indulge in a nice pampering session.

Today’s programme include: Exfoliation (I went to a Dermalogica skin consultation and was advised that I should exfoliante more often and give my skin some extra hydration), followed by a hydrating mask I bought when I went to Japan a while ago. While waiting for the mask, I will give myself a manicure and read Women’s Health magazine, my favourite.

Add a cup of tea and there you have it, pure relaxation.


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