Hit reset with Jasyoga – yoga for athletes

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Last saturday I met up with some of my running friends to attend an outdoor yoga class led by Erin, the founder of Jasyoga. As many of the girls were running a 10K the following day, the class mainly focused on stretching our hip flexors, calves and hamstrings. It was the perfect way to relax and #hitreset.

That’s what so different and unique about Jasyoga.  It’s not any yoga, it’s yoga for athletes, with very specific workouts to work on target areas. This fits exactly with how I like to cross-train. Everything I do outside of running is to ultimately benefit my running. After feeling stuck with the way I train and thinking that I had explored every options, from increasing my  mileage to doing more strength training, I realised that one thing I had not focused on was my flexibility. I have not been updating you on my June training but yoga has been a big part of it, enabling me to manage to touch my toes for the first time.

One of my favourite thing about Erin’s classes is how clear the explanations are (and her soothing voice). On saturday, I could have done the whole class with my eyes closed. I didn’t have to look at Erin to know exactly how I had to position myself. This is amazing to not only #Hitreset with your muscles, but your mind as well.

Last time I used Jasyoga was before the Hackney Half-marathon, I particularly like the “legs on the wall” video. However this time, it will be an integral part of my cross training.

The good news? You can access Jasyoga videos for as little as $4.99 (£3)/month! I you are in London, you can also attend some outdoor classes like the one I went to last Saturday.


When: Mondays in July, 6:30–7:30pm*
Where: Graham Street Park, Islington
Cost: By donation/pay what you want

I have to say, I am quite sad to be missing these as I will be working in Bristol this summer but I will make sure to Hit reset thanks to the videos!

Do you regularly practice yoga?


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